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Day and Night


Day and Night

Greenwich, CT – In the busy skin care category, there are 2 new Vaseline Intensive Care products on the market from Unilever Home and Personal Care – Nightly Renewal Light Nourishing Lotion and Firming and Radiance Enhanced Nourishing Lotion. Tom Fowler, Inc. was chosen to design the graphics for their introductory displays, which can be seen on store shelves now.

The Nightly Renewal display utilizes an image of a sleeping woman to quickly cue the night use of this product, while the cool lavender color eludes to the products key ingredient – soothing lavender.

The Firming and Radiance display utilizes an image of a mature woman to quickly cue the age category, with the product’s promise – “Helps diminish and protect against the signs of aging” clearly shown on the tray front.

It is important to have a clean, clear message communicating your product benefit to help busy consumers quickly find what they are looking for.

Tom Fowler, Inc. has been designing promotional packaging and displays for the Vaseline Intensive Care product line for over 20 years.