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Fingerprint recognition allows automatic Facebook updates

The Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel will soon feature technology that recognizes guests’ fingerprints and automatically updates their Facebook...Read More

Trackable suitcase automatically follows its owner

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but with all of the organization involved they can quickly become more hassle than they’re worth. Now,...Read More

Roadside system keeps deer safe from traffic

Wildlife collisions pose a serious threat to vehicles on the roads – not to mention the drivers and passengers inside them – but new...Read More

Ad campaign links househunters with test-drive of a new car

The Househunter Test-Drive campaign by TBWARAAD Dubai matches property seekers looking at classified ad site Dubizzle with a Nissan vehicle tailored...Read More

Car targeted at women helps prevent wrinkles

Auto manufacturer Honda has launched the Fit She’s model, which has been created to appeal to the female driver. Honda has highlighted a number...Read More

Charity TV station reports the news that mainstream media overlooks

MSF.TV acts as a way to give donors more information on the charity’s activities as well as providing a news stream of current events that...Read More

Tool gives users the news, and suggests how they can help

ShoutAbout helps make the news more than just a way for people to stay informed, it helps readers to get involved and make a difference. News sites...Read More

Twitter updates during Hurricane Sandy

Despite significant hype from the media, few East Coast inhabitants were fully prepared for the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. Social media...Read More

Russian site lets Twitter users monetize their social influence

Russian Twistock treats Twitter users like stocks that can be bought and sold, offering participants a way to earn virtual cash and real goods in the...Read More

ATMs dispense vouchers instead of cash

UK-based KAL has created RTMs – Retail-Teller Machines – that don’t house or dispense any cash, offering vouchers instead. Rather...Read More
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