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Flings® reaches out to TFI Envision for Target 2-Pack


Flings® reaches out to TFI Envision for Target 2-Pack

Englewood, CO — The latest step for Flings® was to develop a convenient 2-Pack for Target stores. TFI Envision optimized the existing packaging graphics with a clean horizontal information panel at the top of each pack to ensure quick recognition of the 2-Pack offering and which type of bin (Recycle; All Occasion; and Red, White & Blue).

In addition, TFI Envision developed a ‘bellyband’ to go around the product to call out brand name and 2-Pack so that if the product was shelved flat, it would still be easily identified by the shopper.

Available in Target stores. Bring a Flings Bin to your party and guarantee that your house, patio, or that nice, green grass in the park will be litter free.

For more information about Flings, go to http://www.flingsbins.com

“We continually turn to TFI Envision to bring our packaging and shelf presence to the next level. Their insights into what motivates the shopper and consumer have been invaluable in building our brand.”

John T. Funk

President of TrashCo Inc.