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TFI Envision creates new ad campaign for Standard Motor Products


TFI Envision creates new ad campaign for Standard Motor Products

New York, NY — Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP® ) engaged TFI Envision to develop “The Evolution of Parts” campaign for its TechSmart® brand.

TFI Envision built this campaign on the insight: TechSmart parts are built to be survivors. “We made the analogy to animals in the wild, like the giraffe who’s body adapted to reach leaves high in the trees to survive. This became the basis of the campaign,” said Roy Barker, Content/Strategy Director at TFI Envision.

To drive home the evolution theme, each ad shows a parallel between a TechSmart part and an animal that has adapted to achieve superiority in the wild. Animals include a dolphin, gorilla, armadillo and more. Each animal is associated to a TechSmart part that shares the same adaptation as the animal.

This breakthrough campaign includes a series of eight full-page print ads, six of which will also appear as multi-sized digital ads, that deliver an easy to-understand message and a clear benefit.

The print ads began to appear in major industry publications beginning with the June issue of Motor Age. The digital ads launched in May on Motor Age – Certified Technician. All ads can be viewed in the “Marketing” section at techsmartparts.com.


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