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Graphics3 taps TFI Envision

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Graphics3 taps TFI Envision

Jupiter, FL — Graphics3, Inc. reached out to TFI Envision, Inc. to develop the illustration graphics for their new “Birch Birdhouse” pop-up Christmas Card ornament.

Starting with a blank structure, TFI Envision’s team developed the illustration graphics that would allow the brightly colored male Northern Cardinal to literally ‘pop off’ the roof of this charming popup card. The white birch bark sides are decorated with traditional holiday greenery; pinecones, holly, berries and candy cane stripe accents for a holiday-themed delight that looks as natural hanging from the tree as sitting on the table.

“Working with these amazing, rubber band-activated pop-ups are a fun challenge. The intricate detail that Graphics3 brings to each of their unique pop-up structures allow us to create illustration graphics that are equally detailed. And the fact that they can be mailed flat with a regular first class stamp, yet spring open instantly when removed from their envelopes makes these beautiful cards so unique and a holiday favorite,” said Elizabeth Ball, President and Creative Director of TFI Envision, Inc.

Manufactured by Graphics3 in North America from paper, soy based inks and natural rubber – no plastics, these amazing pop-ups are not sold in stores. Go to graphics3inc.com to order and learn more about their other pop-up offerings, from calendars, holiday cards and general greeting cards.

Graphics3, Inc. has been a client of TFI Envision since 1975! Since that time, we have worked together with Graphics3 to design over 60 different polygon pop-up calendars, 40 years of catalogs, their “pop-up clown in an envelope” logo and other promotional materials.

To order this charming pop-up greeting card or to see more of Graphics3’s unique pop-ups, go to graphics3inc.com

Making his home in much of the United States, the cardinal is often called the redbird, the northern cardinal and the common cardinal.

The redbird is the official bird of seven states. With his bright red body, the male stands out against his surroundings, whereas the female displays red accents on a mostly brown body.

Living as long as 15 years, the cardinal measures 8 to 9 inches and weighs between 1.5 and 1.8 ounces.

This beautiful bird fills his surroundings with calls and songs and employs a process to find and establish the right habitat.