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TFI Envision delivers Goodwill again!

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TFI Envision delivers Goodwill again!

Bridgeport, CT — Goodwill of Western & Northern Connecticut, Inc. asked TFI Envision, Inc. to extend the award winning “The stuff good is made of” campaign they created to include 2 new billboards.

The campaign is directed to potential donors, letting them know that their “Stuff” has the power to do good when they donate it to Goodwill. The previous ads featured children’s clothing and bicycles.

TFI Envision extended the campaign to focus on the categories of adult clothing and books. The billboards feature clever copy with complimentary imagery to illustrate each message: “Your donated blouse is back on top” and “Your donated book thrills again”.

“Billboard messaging has to be quick and easy to read for drivers going by on the highway. We developed this campaign so that it can be extended as needed, to address different types of donation items, with the same type of quick messaging that is effective and memorable,” said Mary Ellen Butkus, VP at TFI Envision.