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Amy Pollard celebrates 20 years with TFI Envision, Inc.!

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Amy Pollard celebrates 20 years with TFI Envision, Inc.!

Norwalk, CT — You can train an employee on your product or service, but you can’t train someone to have integrity, resiliency, self-confidence and work ethic. The smaller the business, the more crucial any hire is.*

At TFI Envision, Inc., we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of our employees, Amy Pollard. Amy started out in 1995 as a bookkeeper. Throughout her 20 years, she has been a ‘can-do’ person – ambitious, autonomous, organized, and always willing to go that extra mile. Amy has grown her position into the role of Office Manager, encompassing bookkeeping, facilities management, benefits oversight and internal database management.

“Her ready smile, easy laughter and positive attitude no matter how hectic things get, have always made her a great asset to the TFI Envision team. We are so lucky to have her!!” said Elizabeth P. Ball, President | Creative Director of TFI Envision, Inc.

Raising a family of 4 with her husband, Amy is a shining example of how to juggle work and home. And every Halloween, the TFI Envision team gets a visit from Amy’s children all dressed for Halloween – which has inspired our team to join in the costume show as well.

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