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Making Time For Us, For You!

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Making Time For Us, For You!

Norwalk, CT — In the busy business world, it is easy to put things for your own business on the back burner – “the shoemaker’s children go barefoot”. At TFI Envision, Inc., we finally put our needs on the front burner for an updated look to our Global Trends Reports, Automotive Trends Report, SnapShots Program and Press Releases.

“We consistently get positive feedback from the variety of targeted communication pieces that we develop and distribute to clients, potential clients, industry leaders and more. It’s not unusual for folks to tell us ‘they LOVE these materials and refer to them regularly’.” said Catherine Smith, Senior Communications Coordinator for TFI Envision, Inc.

Our Global and Automotive Trends Report can be found on our website and is distributed via responsive email allowing recipients to see the content easily on their mobile devices. Our Press Release is distributed via snail mail. “Though it may seem a bit old fashioned to use snail mail, our studies have shown that people find it a refreshing break from their computers and they read it front to back every month.” said Mary Ellen Butkus, Vice President of TFI Envision, Inc.

The SnapShots Program is distributed to a specific group via responsive email and will soon be available via a password protected portal on the TFI Envision website for easy reference anytime.

Contact catherine@tfienvision.com for more information.