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TFI Envision is a Certified Woman-Owned Business

TFI Envision is a Certified Woman-Owned Business

Norwalk, CT — According to the 2012 National Women’s Business Council Survey of Business Owners, there were 9,878,397 women-owned businesses in the United States. That’s an increase of 26.8%, from 2007. Of nonfarm and privately-held businesses, 36.3% are women-owned, versus 28.8% in 2007. Women-owned businesses generated $1.4 trillion in receipts.*

Laws enacted over the past 45 years require government departments and agencies to ensure a certain percentage of their purchasing contracts go to women-owned businesses. In addition, hundreds of national corporations are diversifying their supplier base by doing business with women owned companies.**

TFI Envision, Inc., is proud to be a Woman-Owned Business, certified by the State of Connecticut.

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