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SMP taps TFI Envision for Diesel Program

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SMP taps TFI Envision for Diesel Program

Long Island City, NY — Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP®) selected TFI Envision, Inc. to design the packaging for a new product launch for their Standard Diesel Fuel Injectors. With diesel fuel being the next global transportation fuel due to its better fuel economy, and 10-20% fewer emissions, its no wonder manufacturers like Standard are expanding their product offerings to include diesel products.

TFI Envision designed the Standard Diesel logo and a trilingual automotive car parts packaging graphics to clearly communicate that it is a “Diesel” engine specific product with bold typography and the use of “green” to reinforce “diesel” (as green is the recognized industry color for diesel fuel.) Bright metallic product imagery and angular grid gives energy to the package on shelf.

Simultaneously, TFI Envision was asked to create a Standard Diesel Parts brochure as an informative, reference guide for automotive parts distributors and counter people to learn more about Standard’s Diesel products and their production. The 8 page brochure reinforces the rigorous testing and quality of workmanship behind the Standard brand’s diesel products by way of a detailed process flow chart designed to take the reader easily through the remanufacturing process and improvements. Clearly designed infographic visuals and photos support the copy in an engaging, and easy to understand presentation.