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TFI Envision Delivers Message in a Unique Way

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TFI Envision Delivers Message in a Unique Way

Norwalk, CT — Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. And in some cases, a 9 foot tall sculpture could be worth $70,000.

Keystone House, Inc. spends approximately $70,000 every year for grocery items for their clients living in their 3 homes and over 40 supported apartments.

As part of the recent Keystone Derby Eve Party fundraising event, there was a paddle raise dedicated to raising $70,000 for this specific annual need.

The team at TFI Envision, Inc. brainstormed ideas on how to visually represent this ‘need’ in a compelling way to bring the focus to the Paddle Raise portion of the evening.

The solution: Wheel a grocery cart towering with 9 feet of groceries into the room while the Master of Ceremonies introduces the Paddle Raise for Groceries.

“This arresting three dimensional visual really helped to demonstrate the need and encouraged people to raise their paddles and donate. We felt it would also help them raise awareness at other events, and even in their lobby,” said Mary Ellen Butkus, Vice President, TFI Envision, Inc. and “Lead Grocery Sculptor”.

The whole TFI Envision team began collecting packaging from their own grocery carts (once the products inside were finished, they were cleaned and prepped for use).

From facial tissues to breakfast cereals, soft drinks to laundry detergents, and more were assembled into three carefully aligned ‘grocery stacks’ that would rest on top of each other, within a grocery cart, creating a Keystone “Grocery Tower” to visually represent the need. A sign on the top ‘grocery stack’ explains what its all about.

Creating the sculpture in 4 pieces plus the shopping cart, allows the “Grocery Tower” to be transported easily.

* The products in this grocery tower are only for concept and do not necessarily represent actual products purchased for Keystone.