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Do you emoji?

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Do you emoji?

Norwalk, CT — There is a lot of ‘talk’ about emojis these days. So we thought we would share some information and observations.

Emoji was first created, according to its inventor, ShigetakaKurita, as a way to add more texture and nuance to phone-based text.1

“As a visual language emoji has already far eclipsed hieroglyphics, its ancient Egyptian precursor which took centuries to develop,” says Professor Vyv Evans, a linguist at Bangor University.2

Last year, Facebook announced the expansion of its Like button to include six new emoji-alternatives, called “Reactions”. These are designed to give Facebook users an expanded palette of emotions.

“Everyone feels like they can just push the Like button, and that’s an important way to sympathize or empathize with someone,” said Mark Zuckerberg during a Q&A last December. “Giving people the power to do that in more ways with more emotions would be powerful, but we need to figure out the right way to do it so it ends up being a force for good, not a force for bad.”3

The following are observations about emoji usage from the folks at LogoLounge.com:
• More women use them than men.
• They’re used by people within a wide range of ages and ethnicities.
• The popularity of specific emojis varies by geographic area offering an interesting, yet certainly incomplete, glimpse into different societies’ tendencies.
• The most popular emojis are in the “faces,” “hearts” and “hand gestures” categories. The least popular emojis are in the “reading material,” “film” and “travel” categories.

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