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OWI Taps TFI Envision

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OWI Taps TFI Envision

Northbrook, IL — Old World Industries, LLC (OWI) recently tapped TFI Envision, Inc. to develop an all-encompassing launch kit to provide their sales team with the tools necessary to effectively pitch customers and gain on-shelf distribution in retail outlets for their new PEAK Dash Cam Video Recorder product.

The PEAK Dash Cam is a simple easy to use video recording system that records any incidents while driving or parked, offering peace of mind should an accident occur.

The TFI Envision team developed a completely custom, easy to carry kit. The outside graphics simulate the view of a driver through the windshield, with die cut opening to show the actual product inside the kit, as though it is hanging from the windshield. The headline “Video evidence when you need it most ” captures the attention and speaks directly to the two main consumer targets: Parents with children that are learning how to drive; and truckers that are susceptible to insurance claims.

Inside the kit is a custom brochure detailing product benefits, consumer insights, marketing support, competitor landscape details and more.

“The kits look great and on schedule. Thanks!!”
Kelley O’Donnell, VP of Marketing at OWI