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TFI Envision receives Six American Web Design Awards for 2017

New York, NY — For more than five decades, Graphic Design USA has sponsored design competitions that spotlight areas of excellence for creative...Read More
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TFI Envision receives Platinum, Gold and Honorable Mention Hermes Creative Awards

Dallas, TX — Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of...Read More
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Initial results are in . . TFI Envision wins 21 AGDA Awards so far!

Ashland, KY — TFI Envision, Inc. is pleased to share the results of their initial entries in the American Graphic Design & Advertising 31...Read More
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What do the judges say?

Norwalk, CT — Entering the work we do at TFI Envision, Inc. into marketing and design award shows provides a two fold benefit. Since our work is...Read More

Connected Walker is a Medical Tool and Personal Trainer in One

Germany – FriWalk is a four wheeled walker, equipped with depth sensors and cameras, that can function as a mobility aid, analysis system and...Read More

Connected Dancing Shoes made to Improve Your Moves

USA – If you are cursed by the “two left feet” syndrome, a new pair of smart shoes come to the rescue. The rhythm smart dancing...Read More

Smart Tires Alert Drivers When Maintenance is Needed

Italy – Italian company Pirelli’s new smart tire system, the Connesso, records miles driven and alerts drivers via cloud-based app when...Read More

Ford Is Working To Make Car Repair More Automated

USA– Hate the effort involved in dropping off your car for repair? Ford Motor Company wants to make the process a whole lot easier. Having...Read More

Discarded Flip Flops Turned into Gifts and Works of Art

Kenya – Kenya’s Ocean Sole flip flop recycling company turns potential marine pollution into employment opportunities for artisans who...Read More

Fully Recycled Shampoo Bottle Made From Beach Plastic

USA – P&G has partnered with TerraCycle and Suez Environmental to create a pipeline for recycled beach fodder –  Head Shoulders is...Read More