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Monthly archive for: ‘May, 2017’

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TFI Envision Tapped for Brummel & Brown Organic

Norwalk, CT — Brummel & Brown selected TFI Envision, Inc. to develop the packaging graphics for their newest product offering: Brummel &...Read More
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Creativity International selects TFI Envision for Silver Award

Louisville, KY — TFI Envision, Inc. has been selected as an award winner in the 47th Creativity International Media & Interactive Design...Read More
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Final results are in…TFI Envision wins a total of 40 AGDA Awards!

Ashland, KY — TFI Envision, Inc. is pleased to share some exciting news…a distinguished panel of design/marketing/advertising experts, has chosen...Read More

Sensors Alert Drivers to Oncoming Traffic on Hairpin Turns

India – National Geographic lists India’s Jammu-Srinagar Highway as one of the world’s most dangerous. Numerous hairpin turns with...Read More

Mercedes Is Using Noise To Improve Pre-Crash Safety

USA– The technology blasts drivers with a “pink noise” bubble to protect hearing during an accident. While automated cars can work...Read More

Wheelchairs Become A Fashion Statement With These Designer Covers

Ireland – For those who use wheelchairs daily, it can be hard when all people see is the chair. Enter Izzy Wheels, a company that brings...Read More

Design Students Give Their Interpretation Of The Future Of Hotel Furniture

Switzerland – Homes encompass a variety of different rooms, each with a distinct personality depending on the room’s purpose. In hotels,...Read More