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TFI Envision Selected by Baby Dove

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TFI Envision Selected by Baby Dove

Norwalk, CT — Baby Dove officially launched in the US in 2017. The collection of products spanning from bath bars to wipes marks the first new category from Dove since the brand debuted Dove Men+Care in 2010. Baby Dove is a range of baby care products born from the Dove brand’s 60 years of skin cleansing heritage.1

TFI Envision was delighted to assist the Baby Dove team in the development of packaging for two Baby Dove Gift Sets for the USA, as well as adapting the new packaging graphics to various product sizes and SKUs for the USA and other regions.

The “Baby Dove Complete Care Baby Essentials Gift Set” package is designed to look like a gift box with a delicate Baby Dove branded ribbon tied into a simple bow, with the product offering clearly visible to consumers on both front and back of carton. The back of carton also offers the key benefits and ingredient disclosure for each product. From baby wash to baby lotion, it will give mom and dad a full introduction to the Baby Dove line of products, which they can trust to gently clean and moisturize baby’s skin. The gift set includes four bathtime essentials for baby, all suitable for use on newborns, too. Includes: Baby Dove Rich Moisture Tip to Toe Wash, Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion, Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bar, and Baby Dove Rich Moisture Wipes.

The “Baby Dove Complete Care Bath Time Essentials” gift package is a printed U-card that wraps around convenient reusable fabric bin containing 6 bathtime essentials: Baby Dove Tip to Toe Wash, Baby Dove Lotion, Baby Dove Shampoo, Baby Dove Bar, Baby Dove Wipes and Q-tips® . The U-card utilizes a Baby Dove key visual of mom and baby enjoying a special moment during bath time – making it a quick visual cue to consumers that these products are for baby’s bath time.

Baby Dove is a Unilever brand.

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