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TFI Envision Refreshes the Spa

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TFI Envision Refreshes the Spa

Lawrenceville, GA — TFI Envision was selected by Biolab, Inc., to update the logo and packaging for their SpaGuard® brand of professional quality spa care products, in an effort to appeal to more upscale consumers and improve their product perception in-store and online.

TFI Envision researched the category, competition and consumer to answer key questions on what drives product interest, purchase and ultimately brand loyalty. The research identified ease of product use and keeping the spa clean were paramount to the end user. This important step laid the foundation of the project. A series of ‘mood boards’ were developed identifying the attraction of the spa experience — to restore and revive, relax and unwind, family fun, or romance.

TFI Envision approached the logo update as an evolutionary step to the familiar and trusted logo, bringing a more contemporary elegance to the brandmark with a new simplified illustration and simplified, impactful logotype. The new color coded ‘effervescent’ graphic treatment helps to differentiate each category. Utilizing liquid silver ink as part of the ‘effervescent’ graphic treatment infused brightness and clean feeling. The new typography is positioned to separate specific copy elements, making it easy to read.

TFI Envision also changed the bottles to a consistent, clean, bright, pearlized white plastic with a clear, matte label substrate that disappears onto the bottle, creating a seamless look.

The new packaging has been “very well received by all!” said Brian Holliday, VP of Marketing, Biolab, Inc. So much so, that this new SpaGuard® packaging line has already received an American Packaging Design Award for 2018!