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TFI Envision Tapped for PEAK® NHRA Track Activation Program

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TFI Envision Tapped for PEAK® NHRA Track Activation Program

Norwalk, CT — PEAK® has been actively involved in motorsports for over 30 years. Today, PEAK still aims to shock the motorsports establishment partly as a way to showcase the excellence and competitive quality of their family of brands, but mostly, because it’s so much fun.

TFI Envision, Inc. was tapped by Old World Industries to bring to life the NHRA Track Activation Program for their PEAK® Coolant products Advertising Campaign “You’re just 18 degrees from a Mechanical Emergency”. Utilizing the PEAK® mobile marketing ‘vehicle’ – a vintage ambulance, TFI Envision was challenged by the PEAK® marketing team to develop a life-size ‘Operation’ style game concept to engage with consumers for the chance to win prizes and learn firsthand about the importance of prevention when it comes to coolant.

The TFI Envision team created an engaging, customized ‘Operation’ style board game on the gurney for two players to maximize the opportunities for people to participate. The players have a chance to spin a customized spinning wheel to identify what game piece they are to remove from the ‘patient’ using oversized tweezers. A corresponding educational card highlights the reasons why “Prevention is the Best Medicine” with PEAK® Coolant being the “Real Life Blood of Your Engine”. The gurney board features the ‘patient’ with custom game pieces of automotive parts effected by neglected coolant. The ‘patient’s eyes’ flash and buzz whenever the player’s tweezer touches the edges of the electrified openings when trying to remove the game pieces.

TFI Envision has also developed materials to implement the launch and support the campaign including sales launch kits, digital advertising, and a promo spot featuring “Dr. Coolant” – NHRA legend John Force.

For additional information on the PEAK® Coolant Campaign, visit www.peak18degrees.com