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Wanderlust, Stars, Stripes . . .

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Wanderlust, Stars, Stripes . . .

TFI Envision  developed the graphics for two new Graphics3 Inc. 2019 pop-up polygon calendars – “Wanderlust” and “Stars & Stripes”, and the catalog featuring these and other product offerings.

“Each year, we are challenged with developing new concepts that have a universal appeal; are unique and colorful; and the calendars have to be easily readable. The Stars & Stripes calendar with its sweeping arches of American flags wrapping the polygon, honors America and its people. Wanderlust calendar combines images of beautiful locations around the world that inspire us to explore with quotes and passport stamps – the badges of honor for any traveler.

We love coming up with new, fresh ideas each year and are proud to have been able to serve the needs of Graphics3 for 43 years.” said Elizabeth P. Ball, President and Creative Director of TFI Envision, Inc.

Since 1975, Graphics3 Inc. has reached out to TFI Envision to help create the graphics and illustrations for a wide range of their popular rubber band-activated pop-up greeting cards, seasonal cards and polygon desk calendars. This year is no exception.

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TFIEnvision-marketing-design-agency-Graphics3-Pop Up Calendar-Wanderlust