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TFI Envision Tapped by zMAX®

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TFI Envision Tapped by zMAX®

Concord, NC — When something starts out as a success in the racing industry, it’s inevitable the automobile industry wants it. This is the story of zMAX® Micro-Lubricant. For over eight decades, zMAX® customers have reaped the benefits of using zMAX® in their engine, fuel system and transmission.

With the launch of an all new household and automotive lubricant to compete with the major players, zMAX® reached out to TFI Envision recently to develop the new packaging graphics for their new product, zMAX® Multi-Purpose Lube.

To communicate the features and cross category usages from household and automotive, the creative team at TFI Envision created approachable and easily recognizable icons to show use; shortened the product name to the familiar vernacular “LUBE”; and highlighted 2 key product differentiators – “Low Odor / Foam Action”. The use of transparent inks printing directly on the reflective silver metal can in zMAX® red brand color and a semi-transparent red cap to top the product, ensures the product stands out from the competition on shelf. The product quiets and stops squeaks; lubes, cleans and protects; helps prevent rust and corrosion; has low odor in a no drip foam and is used for everything from Tools, Bicycles, Garden & Lawn Equipment, Fishing Tackle, Hinges and more.

The new zMAX® Multi-Purpose Lube packaging provides a dramatically different shelf presence, designed to draw the attention of busy shoppers.

The new design by TFI Envision, Inc. was the foundation for the packaging of additional zMAX® performance products including All-Purpose Degreaser, Brake & Parts Cleaner, Silicone Spray and Speed Wax.

For more product information, go to https://store.zmax.com/zmax-multi-purpose-lube-p27.aspx