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The Negg® Taps TFI Envision for Advertising Campaign

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The Negg® Taps TFI Envision for Advertising Campaign

Southport, CT — “Eggs are a great choice to start the day on the right foot. Besides being a ZeroPoint food, they’re easy to make, packed with protein and keep you feeling satisfied.” according to WeightWatchers.com.

The Negg® is simply the best way to quickly and easily peel boiled eggs. With Negg®’s newly redesigned packaging by TFI Envision, and holiday shoppers looking for that perfect gift, Bonnie Tyler, the principal at Airigan Solutions, LLC, maker of the Negg®, reached out to TFI Envision again to develop a new ad campaign for placement specifically in WW (Weight Watchers) magazine.

The creative team at TFI Envision interrupts the typically text heavy magazine with a clean communication of the benefit of protein-packed hard cooked eggs and ‘zero effort’ effect of the Negg® combined with appetite appeal and product imagery, to create an impactful, easy to digest, print ad.

Print ads help with building brand trust. According to a study by MarketingSherpa, when asked which advertising channels they trust most when making a purchasing decision, 82% of respondents said they trusted print ads in newspapers and magazines.1

To order The Negg®, go to https://neggmaker.com/collections/all and choose from a variety of colors and additional items. They make perfect gifts for the holidays!

1 https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2018/10/19/14-ways-print-advertising-can-provide-new-audience-potential-for-your-company/#441373c39906

Although they weren’t prepared the same way, the roots of modern-day deviled eggs can be traced back to ancient Rome, where eggs were boiled, seasoned with spicy sauces and then typically served at the beginning of a meal—as a first course known as gustatio—for wealthy patricians. In fact, serving eggs while entertaining was so common that the Romans had a saying, “ab ova usque ad mala”— literally from eggs to apples, or from the beginning of a meal to the end.