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Rapid Slicer® Taps TFI Envision

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Rapid Slicer® Taps TFI Envision

Shelton, CT — Creative problem solving is at the core of product development and package design. The tedious preparation of ingredients for cooking was what drove the inventors of Rapid Slicer® to create their time saving product. This product makes slicing small fruits, vegetables, meats, chicken, shrimp, english muffins, bagels in half — fast, safe and easy as 1, 2, 3.

Rapid Slicer® selected TFI Envision because of their history of developing packaging that delivers shelf impact, clear communication to the shopper and ultimately increased sales, to update their existing Rapid Slicer® product packaging.

Keeping in mind that packaging is the ‘silent salesman’ on shelf or on the web, TFI Envision’s creative team began by reviewing the issues with the existing packaging – a complicated hanging blister card, with secondary insert wrapped around the product. The blister card imagery caused confusion about what the product was, how to use it and that it included a cutting ‘blade’, which it does not.

TFI Envision’s creative team recommended changing to a windowed carton, allowing more area for new imagery to clearly demonstrate how the product is used. The added dimension allows the packaging to stand out from the competition. Incorporating a fresh and appetizing color palette and an updated communication hierarchy ensures a quick understanding of the product benefits and ease of use — all leading a shopper to select this product.

The design highlights various foods that are perfect for use with Rapid Slicer®, allowing shoppers to quickly identify the benefit of using this product. The bright, round shape echoes the shape of the product and helps draw attention at shelf.
The Rapid Slicer® is proudly manufactured in the USA and is made of high quality, durable, BPA free material. To find a retailer or order online, go to https://rapidslicer.com.