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Museum Access™ Educational Materials Design by TFI Envision


Museum Access™ Educational Materials Design by TFI Envision

Greenwich, CT — Museums are a vital part of the American landscape, showcasing the greatest achievements of the human experience, past, present and future. Visitors remember, discover and learn in these museums that present the best of our country’s culture, accomplishments and heritage.

The public television series, Museum Access™ explores these museums in a way that the everyday visitor cannot. It goes behind the scenes where ordinary folks don’t get a chance to go. Talking to the directors, curators and creative personnel to get an insider’s view of the museums.

TFI Envision was selected by Museum Access™ to design their “Museum Access™ Classroom Series” of educational materials to coordinate with each episode including:
– Educational Fun Sheet filled with fun facts and projects
– Complete Lesson Plan with activities, projects & lesson extensions

“The TFI Envision team are a pleasure to work with, providing great insights into how readers view a page and ensuring that information was easily accessible for busy teachers, parents and home schoolers. They created a style and format for the Classroom Series materials that is both easy to navigate and showcases at a glance the activities included for each episode. And of course, ensures that our Museum Access branding is consistent.” said Museum Access Creator and host Leslie Mueller.

Check your local Public Television Station for current show airings of Museum Access™. Season 1 and 2 are now also available on Amazon Prime.

For more information and to order your Museum Access™ Classroom Series materials, go to https://museumaccess.com