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Blue Streak® ‘Stronger Than Ever’ Automotive Scholarship Contest

SMP Taps TFI Envision for Two More Scholarship Programs

Long Island City, NY — Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP) tapped TFI Envision, Inc. again to help facilitate two more Automotive Scholarship...Read More
Car Care Council designated April as National Car Care Month

Did you know April is Car Care Month?

Everywhere, USA — The Car Care Council designated April as National Car Care Month to bring attention to the importance of car care and...Read More

Seeing Through a Robot’s Eyes Helps Those With Motor Impairments

USA – The Georgia Institute of Technology has found a simpler way to control complex robots. It could lead to the development of faster and...Read More

Greek Startup Tracks What People Ignore on a Webpage

Greece – Greek startup Loceye is offering a tool to track when, where and how long people focus on various parts of a webpage. Users upload a...Read More

Safe Sleep Relief For Your Kids

USA – Building on the success of its line of chocolate supplements for adults, Good Day Chocolate launched Good Day Chocolate For Kids, a...Read More

No More Counting Sheep

UK – The old folklore of drinking a cup of warm milk before bed is common, but UK-based brand Sleep Well took it to the next level by releasing...Read More

Research Attempts To Make Self-Driving Safer For Pedestrians

UK – As self-driving vehicles become closer to an everyday reality, manufacturers are becoming concerned with building trust in autonomous...Read More

Virtual Reality Videos Teach Drivers Road Safety

Hungary – UK and Hungary-based FrancisKodak Design Lab has created a virtual reality (VR) immersion safety course for drivers. The product,...Read More

TFI Envision Wins Six American Package Design Awards

New York, NY — For more than 55 years, GraphicDesign USA (GDUSA) has sponsored competitions that spotlight areas of excellence and opportunity for...Read More
EXCITE Transformation For Libraries” Core Program

Think Libraries Are Just About Books?

Westport, CT — Think libraries are just about books? On the contrary, the transformed Library of the 21st Century could be the center-point to...Read More