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Toyota’s New Driving Simulator Distracts Teens On Purpose

We can warn kids not to text and drive, but Toyota has taken the driving safety PSA to the next level with their “TeenDrive365”...Read More

Eye-Tracking Car Tech Will Help Drivers Remain Focused

While Google is certain of the future with driverless vehicles, a trend of improving the driver is emerging. Soon, cars will come with a built-in...Read More

Co-pilot Device Helps New Drivers Improve Their Road Safety

CarVi is an affordable smart device that enables new or nervous drivers to monitor and improve their driving habits. Users attach the device to their...Read More

Platform Helps Startups Offer Retirement Plans

Honest Dollar helps startups create retirement plans for employees by reducing many of the associated fees and hurdles. Over 70 million people in the...Read More

Corporate Social Responsibility For Startups

Startups Give Back is a philanthropy movement helping startups lend a hand to nearby non-profits and causes. Startups Give Back partners with...Read More

Businesses Offer Their Employees Big Perks

AnyPerk is a service which enables businesses of any size to offer their employees rewarding perks. It can then send reminders to those employees...Read More

Charitable Techies Donate Their Skills to Nonprofits in Need

The platform #charity enables IT professionals to donate their time and tech skills to nonprofits, saving those organizations much needed funds....Read More

E-Commerce Platform Adds Social Good Outcome to Every Purchase

Favoire turns everyday items into charitable actions . . empowers customers through shopping and fashion. The business allows users to purchase...Read More

Ethical Wedding Rings Fund Water for Life, for Two People

Do Amore wedding rings are made from conflict free diamonds and recycled metal, and the profits from their sales are used to finance clean water in...Read More

Design Project Trains Young People to Improve Their Local Area

The Building Hero Project is a design leadership scheme which gives young people access to cutting edge equipment so they can run community...Read More

Promising Students Are Paid to Become Remote Software Developers

Andela is a global talent accelerator which provides paid training to young people in Africa, before linking them up with remote developer jobs....Read More

A Theme Park for Playing Grown-up

KidZania, the global chain of theme parks where children take on adult work roles, allows kids between the ages of four to twelve to do what comes...Read More

Carpooling For Your Cargo

Roadie is a peer-to-peer shipping network which enables drivers to fill their empty back seats with their neighbor’s cargo. The platform plans...Read More

User Owned Carpool Platform Runs on Bitcoin Style Digital Tokens

La’Zooz is a decentralized, real time, lift-share platform, owned by its users and run on digital Zooz tokens. Its founders are hoping it is...Read More

App Finds the Right Transportation in Five Minutes

Shift is making urban transit straightforward, using an algorithm which knows the best vehicle for the user’s journey. For many, urban car...Read More

High-Tech Pen Enables Visitors to ‘Collect’ Design Objects

The recently reopened Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York will be offering its patrons a delayed interactive experience –...Read More

Interactive “Coming Soon” Signs Let Users Shop from Unbuilt Stores

Kate Spade teamed up with The Science Project at the site of their upcoming store, making a shopable barricade to engage future customers. The...Read More

Unbridled Selection From Interactive Tables

The Neiman Marcus Innovation Lab (known as iLab) has launched their interactive retail table project in three of its major locations in Austin,...Read More

Turbines in Water Pipes Harvest Green Energy for the City

LucidPipes harvest renewable low-cost energy from the water flowing through gravity-fed pipes. The most effective way to harvest renewable energy is...Read More

Platform Lets Homeowners Donate Energy to Those Who Need It

In every community, there are those who can’t afford to heat their home in the winter, or even turn their lights on at night. Gridmates is a...Read More

Solar-Powered Biofuel Stove for Africa Could Save Lives

African Clean Energy has developed a biofuel stove to help combat the global problem of indoor cook-smoke, which is estimated to kill 4 million...Read More

Solar-Powered EV Charging Made Easy For Apartment Buildings

In San Francisco, Powertree Services enable apartments to offer EV charging and solar power at no extra cost to building owners. Previously, these...Read More

Swappable Electric Batteries Can Recharge Smartscooter in 6 Seconds

The Smartscooter is far from the first electric scooter on the market, but Taiwanese startup Gogoro is hoping to get the edge in the urban mobility...Read More

Retrofitted Lampposts Can Charge Electric Vehicles

Ubitricity’s mobile charging device will enable electricity providers to supply plug-in EV drivers with charging stations exactly where they...Read More

Temporary Tattoo Could Replace Pin-Prick Blood Tests For Diabetics

A simple, miniature tech device embedded on a temporary tattoo could provide a non-invasive alternative to diabetics’ daily blood tests. The...Read More

Gadget Library Rents Out Wearables

Lumoid is a US photographic equipment rental service which has recently expanded its ‘library’ to include wearables and drones –...Read More

Wearable Sensors Gamify Physical Therapy

The Valedo is the latest wearable healthcare offering to gamify exercise – this time, for back-pain sufferers. It is a Swiss invention,...Read More

Regulars At Melbourne Hyatt Can Leave Belongings Behind

The Grand Hyatt Melbourne’s “Leave it at Hyatt” scheme enables visitors to safely store their belongings on site, ready for their...Read More

Service Offers Luggage-Free Travel to Frequent Fliers

Singapore-based Packnada enables passengers to travel with only a passport, through a wardrobe storage service that delivers to their hotel every...Read More

Travel Without The Baggage

LugLess aims to alleviate many of travelers’ frequent frustrations, including overpriced baggage fees and lost bags, by providing secure...Read More

App Rewards Those Who Don’t Touch Their Phone While Driving

Romania’s SafeDrive wants to encourage good behavior by using a gamified points system that offers discounts on products and services when...Read More

Smart Sticker Could Stop Your Car Being Towed Away

TowStop is a smart sticker that alerts car owners when a parking enforcer is about to tow their vehicle. Parking restrictions are clearly there for a...Read More

System Could Stop Parents Accidentally Leaving Their Child in the Car

Starfish is a sensor-based system that’s tackling car deaths by alerting drivers when they’ve left their baby behind. Developed by Studio...Read More

Platform Lets Anyone Donate to Charity with a Tweet

Charitweet is facilitating small donations to any charity on Twitter through a quick tweet or RT. Sending money through the service is fairly easy....Read More

Snap Any Charity Logo to Instantly Donate

SnapDonate is letting people donate to any charity simply by scanning their logo whenever they see it. The app uses image recognition and a database...Read More

Device Enables Commuters to Donate to Charity with Spare Subway Credit

A UK designer has created Common Pence, a system that can take leftover change off London’s Oyster travel pass and give it to charity. The...Read More

Spot it, Tweet it, Drive it

To promote the new Volkswagen Polo in South Africa, the automaker and Ogilvy Cape Town together created a social on- and offline game called...Read More

Test Drive Inspiration

Marketers have increasingly been experimenting with Oculus Rift to create immersive consumer experiences. Lexus is among the latest brands to take...Read More

Full Virtual Reality Test Drive on Your Phone

Those interested in trying out the Volvo XC90 before it’s released next year can take a scenic virtual reality ride through the mountains via...Read More

Health Coaching App Lets Users Choose Between Gentle Encouragement and Drill Sergeant Rigor

Consumers can often have trouble sticking to dieting or exercise plans because they don’t have motivation that a coach can provide. Health app...Read More

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  • SPACE WEEK: Apollo 11’s Second Day in Space July 17, 2019
    July 17, 1969 Apollo 11 Command Module pilot Michael Collins spent part of July 17, 1969 describing to a TV audience how astronauts eat while in space. (Image source: NASA) After a successful launch from Cape Kennedy on July 16th, the Apollo 11 astronauts were tasked on July 17 at 12:17 pm with a three-second […]
  • Nanoemulsion Gels Are New Way to Deliver Drugs Through the Skin July 17, 2019
    Researchers have been devising numerous new ways to deliver medications and other therapies more directly to patients to make it less invasive and more targeted for specific ailments and diseases. MIT chemical engineers have come up with one of the latest of those with the development of what are called nanoemulsions that can be used […]
  • Beckhoff Automation Offers OPC UA Integration in TwinCAT Scope Software July 16, 2019
    Beckhoff Automation is offering greater integration of OPC UA communication technology into its recently released TwinCAT Scope software. OPC UA and analytics tools are becoming increasingly important as advanced automation tools proliferate. The information must be presented in a clear and efficient manner, and the machine control system also has to cover a wide range […]