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Google Glass App Prevents Dozing Off At The Wheel

DriveSafe provides visual and auditory notifications if it detects that the Google Glass user is falling asleep while driving. To detect whether the...Read More

Break Up Box Cures Broken Hearts While Helping Couples In Need

Japan’s Shitsuren Box – which translates as Break Up Box – aims to soothe recipients’ broken hearts while also supporting...Read More

Subscription Box Replaces The Traditional Care Package

Pijon is a subscription service that lets parents regularly send products to their college-age kids to keep them healthy. The service comes in two...Read More

Smart Boxes Turn Homes Into A Self-Storage Unit

NeutralBOX comes with an app that lets users keep a visual inventory or scan boxes to easily see what’s in them. The system is essentially a...Read More

App Decides Where Users Go On Vacation

Hitlist is a social app that offers up destination ideas based on users’ interests, as well the optimal time to go according to flight fares....Read More

Uber Lets Anyone Catch a Ride in a Small Plane

Flytenow is making air travel more affordable with ride sharing for small planes. Being able to travel in a private jet is the pipe dream of many,...Read More

Jacket Helps Airline Passengers Dodge Luggage Fees

Bulgaria’s Jaktogo is a lightweight jacket that can help passengers ‘smuggle’ 10kg of extra luggage into airplanes. Designed by...Read More

App Turns Playlist Hogging into Charitable Donations

Giving to charity is meant to feel good, and a new app for Spotify called Guilty Pledgers has figured out the perfect way to make that happen. The...Read More

‘Business Cards’ For Homeless People

HandUp uses a business card system to let citizens donate food credits to local people in need through their mobiles. The startup works with a number...Read More

App Lets Diners Give To Food Banks

Hunger is a real problem, not only in the poorest parts of the world but even in major US cities. In fact, 50 million Americans are meal insecure and...Read More

Read a 300-page Book in 90 Minutes

Spritz believes that humans can read much faster using its system of ‘streaming’ text at up to 600 words per minute. Developed for...Read More

Netflix For Kids’ Books

Epic! offers a large digital library of children’s titles, complete with rewards for finishing chapters and embarking on reading marathons. The...Read More

Digital Companion Adds An Interactive Layer to Paper Novel

The Echo Project is an interactive digital companion for “And The Mountains Echoed”, the new book by author Khaled Hosseini. A...Read More

Walmart’s Futuristic Big Rig Could Cut Fuel Consumption

Retail corporation Walmart recently revealed its Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience or WAVE concept delivery truck, which is the latest innovation...Read More

Sports Car Uses Force Fields Instead of Windshield Wipers

McLaren Group, one of the most advanced automotive companies and Formula 1 car designers in the U.K., is adapting a high-frequency sound wave system...Read More

Car Interface Hopes to Blow Competition Out of the Water

CarPlay aims to offer the most intuitive way to use a mobile device while driving. Debuting at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show, it is Apple’s first...Read More

Business Tie Features Secret Subway Map

The ARA fashion label in Japan has developed the Subway Map Tie, which discreetly hides a plan of the Tokyo metro system on its inside. Created by...Read More

Bike-To-Work Suit Keeps Commuters Stylish and Sweat-Free

The fitted suit from Parker Dusseau is created from Australian 135 Performance Superwool, which is combined with spandex to give it some stretch and...Read More

Stylish Three-Piece Business Suit is Bulletproof

Protecting traveling workers against the off-chance of a hail of gunfire, Toronto-based Garrison Bespoke has created The Bulletproof Suit. The...Read More

Video Game Takes Players Through Font Levels

Type:Rider is an adventure puzzle game for iOS, Android, and Facebook, where players travel through the history of typography. Individuals control...Read More

App Enables Users to Add Typography To Video Messages

Wordeo is a new app that lets amateur filmmakers organize their clips and add their own text to tell a better story. Currently available for free on...Read More

Typography App Turns Quotes Into Design Pieces

Notegraphy is a web and mobile app that lets users write and publish pieces of writing in different designs and formats, and share them on their...Read More

UNICEF Turns Device Detoxes into Clean Water

UNICEFs Tap Project will donate money to needy children for every minute users stay off their phones. Now in its 8th year, the UNICEF Tap Project...Read More

Self-Sustaining Water Bottle Creates Clean Energy With Recycling

Treeson is on a mission to save the planet by revolutionizing the bottled water business. Currently fundraising through a Kickstarter campaign, the...Read More

Company Lets People Check Out To-Go Boxes Like a Library

Here is a statistic you probably didn’t know: Americans generate 570 million pounds of food packaging garbage waste every day, and a big...Read More

Cooking Tool Makes A Big Difference in Women’s Lives

For millions of people, finding enough fuel to cook food is a daily struggle. In some parts of the world, women spend many hours, traveling 5-10...Read More

Beach Cleanup Scheme Helps Disadvantaged People

Plastic Bank enables those participating in recycling intiatives to exchange their help for training, micro-loans and access to 3D printing...Read More

Homeless Campaign Lets Participants Rename Household Products

North Carolina non-profit homeless shelter Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD) joined forces with McKinney advertising agency to create an immersive web...Read More

Device Creates Digital Dashboard of Car’s Performance

Improve your gas mileage, create a digital dashboard and remote start your car directly from an app. OBDLink MX WiFi is described by the company that...Read More

Car-Tracking Device Transforms Vehicles into Traveling iBeacons

Automatic is a smart driving assistant which combines a small piece of hardware with mobile applications to enhance your car’s performance....Read More

Sensors Turn Car Into A Self-Driving Vehicle

Valeo’s automotive technology and smartphone app allow you to park a driverless vehicle with the touch of a button. Equipping a vehicle with...Read More

Headset For Dogs Translates Their Thoughts

Sweden’s No More Woof is an EEG device that reads dogs’ brainwaves in order to determine what’s on their mind. Created by The...Read More

Facial Recognition For Dogs Reunites Lost Pets With Owners

PiP is a photographic database of found dogs and cats that uses facial recognition technology to help match them with lost ones. Pet owners...Read More

Washing Machine Is Controlled By Dogs

UK laundry company JMT Service has developed Woof to Wash, a machine adapted for easy use by dogs to wash their owner’s clothes. Special...Read More

South Africa Fashion Store For Poor Neighborhoods

Giving homeless people the same dignity afforded to paying customers, The Street Store is a rent-free temporary store that provides poor...Read More

Community Boxes Let City Residents Share Anything

Boîtes d’Échange Entre Voisins – or Neighborhood Exchange Boxes – is a network of brightly-decorated repositories where residents...Read More

Bike Repair Stations Offer 24-hour Help

Bikestock is helping broken down cyclists in New York with bike repair vending machines and public equipment. Each station features a bicycle pump...Read More

Airport Stores Winter Coats

Rather than taking up the limited space available for hand luggage with bulky winter coats, Frankfurt Airport is allowing customers to check in their...Read More

Baggage Carousels are Populated with Fun Art

A number of Japanese airports are using baggage carousel art to entertain those waiting for their suitcases. Rather than leave the carousels empty as...Read More

Airport Lounges Provide a Pre-Trip Vacation

The Centurion Lounge gives travelers a place to relax and charge up before getting on their flights. American Express Card members who are flying out...Read More
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