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Virtual Pet Can Only Be Fed Through Walking

Wokamon is a virtual pet app that requires kids to walk and exercise in order to keep their creature alive. Getting children to exercise instead of...Read More

Smartphone-Charging Exercise Desks

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has installed desks that enable passengers to charge their devices through pedal power while they wait for their...Read More

Wearable Tech Uses Shocks To Exorcise Bad Habits

Pavlok is a smart wristband that tracks owners’ behavior and delivers an electric shock when they fail to commit to their goals. Created by...Read More

The Drinkable Book

Nearly 3.4 million people die each year from water-related diseases. To help prevent this problem, WATERisLIFE and DDB North America created a guide...Read More

Park Benches Charge Phones and Offer Local Area Information

Boston-based Soofa is turning urban furniture into solar-powered information centers and charge points for cities’ public spaces. As well as...Read More

Newspaper Printed With Mosquito Repellant Ink

Sri Lanka is a country that’s been ravaged by Dengue fever over the past couple of years, in 2013 alone, the disease infected 30,000 people. As...Read More

Taxi Fleet To Be Made Kid Friendly

As part of its Safe Baby initiative, BalticTaxi is equipping its fleet with child safety seats, in an effort to better ensure a safe and comfortable...Read More

Uber For Families Provides Lifts Home From School

Shuddle is a service offering safe rides home for kids whose parents aren’t available for the school run. Working in a similar way to other...Read More

Latvian Taxis To Offer Service For Cyclists

Baltic Taxi is now equipping its fleet with bicycle roof racks, in an effort to better accommodate cyclists. The taxi company recently launched its...Read More

Colorful Boxes Provide Disconnected Communities With Books

Ideas Box is a new scheme that aims to help communities disrupted by war and crises continue to learn with mobile boxes containing educational,...Read More

Shopping Bag Encourages Consumers To Donate Clothing

Swedish label Uniforms for the Dedicated has introduced The Rag_Bag, a shopping bag that can be turned inside out to become an envelope to send old...Read More

Old Cardboard Boxes Used To Create School Bags That Transform Into Desks

Aarambh is using discarded cardboard waste to create school bags which unpack into small desks – designed to improve the posture of children...Read More

Outdoor Equipment Sharing Platform Makes Camping Affordable

Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, The OX is a subscription service for borrowing outdoors gear such as tents, kayaks and fishing equipment. A...Read More

Bike Lock Alerts Emergency Services

Skylock offers smart locking, theft prevention, and detects crashes and calls for help if it’s serious. Skylock looks much like a typical...Read More

Skateboard Is Made Of Debris Trawled From The Sea

California’s Bureo Skateboards is working with the Chilean government to create Minnow, a skateboard whose deck is made entirely from abandoned...Read More

“Ghost” Road Barrier Tricks Drivers Into Stopping

Laservision’s Softstop is a projection that aims to stop drivers from ignoring stop signs by giving the illusion of a physical barrier across...Read More

Brake Light Warns Rear Drivers of Upcoming Traffic

Ford is testing an early warning system that signals other cars to slow down. The ‘Electric Brake Light’ transmits a wireless signal that...Read More

“Eyes-Free” Personal Assistant Delivers Feedback Through Steering Wheel

Personal assistants are on the up. Now the trend is moving into the automotive industry with ‘Jeane,’ a smartphone-operated software that...Read More

Nescafe Turns Its Instant Coffee Container Into An Alarm Clock

Usually people depend on their cup of coffee to jolt them awake in the morning, but a new 3D-printed coffee lid has given the whole morning coffee...Read More

Coffee Machine Only Brews Coffee When Two People Are Waiting

The Coffee Connector is designed to help complete strangers start a conversation. Conferences can be awkward – especially when you go alone....Read More

Coffee Cup Sharing In NY Aims To Cut Paper Waste

New Yorkers alone throw away around 7 million paper coffee cups every day, which is why there have been plenty of recent efforts to get consumers to...Read More

Two-Way Bib Creates a Portable Picnic Table

The Napkin Table is a small, lightweight, portable table/ bib that makes outdoor eating a convenient and social activity. Created by graduates of the...Read More

Inflatable Suits Act As Argument Mediators

Making sure that a discussion between two or more people stays balanced isn’t always easy, and can often lead to great ideas being lost in the...Read More

Cow “Backpacks” Capture Methane and Turn Them Into Green Fuel

Argentina’s INTA governmental research body has developed cow backpacks that trap the methane they produce in order to turn it into green...Read More

Tamagotchi-Style Wristband Encourages Active Play For Kids

Leap Band is a digital pet that responds to children’s activity, tracks their performance and teaches them about healthy eating. Designed for...Read More

Print Ad Is Also A Wristband That Tracks

The NIVEA Sun Kids magazine ad can be ripped out and turned into a trackable wristband that warns parents if their kids stray too far. Back in 2013,...Read More

Smartwatch For Seniors Tracks Their Daily Routines

CarePredict has created a smartwatch-like device that tracks the daily activities of seniors and alerts loved ones if something’s not right....Read More

Donate By Doing

Several years ago, do-gooder Hermione Taylor and a friend participated in a cycling challenge to raise money for the environment. Neither wanted to...Read More

Rewards For Studying

StudyPact gives students financial prizes for completing a set amount of work each week, with penalties for missed deadlines. Users can set the...Read More

Sports Goods Are Paid For With Exercise

Getting consumers to exercise is much easier when there’s an incentive, and especially if it’s a financial one. Chile-based dairy brand...Read More

Nissan Creates The World’s First Self-Cleaning Car

Nissan Europe has developed a version of its Note MPV with a special coating that repels mud, rain, oil and dirt. Although some may consider washing...Read More

Design-Your-Own Car Decals Enable Easy Personalization

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, StickOut offers large, easy-stick decals designed by professionals and personalized by the consumer....Read More

Smartphone Charger Can Also Jumpstart Your Car

UNOJUMPR is a smartphone accessory in the form of a portable charger, that can also be used to jumpstart a car in the case of a breakdown. Created by...Read More

Glasses Enable Customization Through Magnetic Arms

Japanese design group Nendo has created its Magne-Hinge spectacles, which use magnetic hinges to enable wearers to easily swap out the arms as they...Read More

Trackable Sunglasses Can Never Get Lost

Tzukuri is an Australian sunglasses company that has released a line of trackable sunglasses with embedded Bluetooth Low Energy technology, so very...Read More

Cancer-Detecting Glasses Light Up Tumors

High-tech eyewear developed at the Washington University School of Medicine helps surgeons detect cancers cells, which glow blue when viewed using...Read More

Posters at Bus Stops Collect Change For The Less Fortunate

Troco Coletivo – which translates as Payback Collective – enables commuters to leave their small change at bus stops or on buses so the...Read More

Hostel’s Edible Business Card Cures Altitude Sickness

Peru’s Kokopelli hostel has developed an edible business card that counteracts the effects of altitude sickness for those climbing the nearby...Read More

Connecting Doctors and Patients Around the Globe

TraveDoc enables vacationers to find doctors that speak their language while they’re in a foreign country. Vacations can often be marred if an...Read More

Wireless Blocks Create The Foundation For A Connected Home

AngelBlocks are a cost effective, comprehensive set of wireless building blocks that work together to make your home smart, securing your property,...Read More
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    Many lessons can be learned from Elon Musk’s recent tweets about the trials and tribulations of the Model 3 electric car, but the main one is this: Musk and Sergio Marchionne have a lot in common. Musk’s most revealing tweet occurred last week, when he said that shipping $35,000 versions of the “affordable” Model 3 […]
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    Last month, additive manufacturing company Stratasys announced that it was taking research into a lesser-known 3D printing technology called Selective Toner Electrophotographic Process technology, or STEP, and creating a spinoff called Evolve Additive Solutions. According to Stratasys, STEP, which has been under development by Stratasys since 2009, is 50 times faster than other polymer 3D […]
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    —— TuSimple's AI technology combines with a retrofitted camera array to give trucks level 4 autonomy without the aid of LiDAR. (Image source: TuSimple) Ask Xioadi Hou, Co-Founder and CTO of TuSimple, about his startup company's methodology for creating artificial intelligence for autonomous trucks, and one answer quickly jumps out: “We're not using LiDAR,” Hou told […]