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App Rewards Those Who Don’t Touch Their Phone While Driving

Romania’s SafeDrive wants to encourage good behavior by using a gamified points system that offers discounts on products and services when...Read More

Smart Sticker Could Stop Your Car Being Towed Away

TowStop is a smart sticker that alerts car owners when a parking enforcer is about to tow their vehicle. Parking restrictions are clearly there for a...Read More

System Could Stop Parents Accidentally Leaving Their Child in the Car

Starfish is a sensor-based system that’s tackling car deaths by alerting drivers when they’ve left their baby behind. Developed by Studio...Read More

Platform Lets Anyone Donate to Charity with a Tweet

Charitweet is facilitating small donations to any charity on Twitter through a quick tweet or RT. Sending money through the service is fairly easy....Read More

Snap Any Charity Logo to Instantly Donate

SnapDonate is letting people donate to any charity simply by scanning their logo whenever they see it. The app uses image recognition and a database...Read More

Device Enables Commuters to Donate to Charity with Spare Subway Credit

A UK designer has created Common Pence, a system that can take leftover change off London’s Oyster travel pass and give it to charity. The...Read More

Spot it, Tweet it, Drive it

To promote the new Volkswagen Polo in South Africa, the automaker and Ogilvy Cape Town together created a social on- and offline game called...Read More

Test Drive Inspiration

Marketers have increasingly been experimenting with Oculus Rift to create immersive consumer experiences. Lexus is among the latest brands to take...Read More

Full Virtual Reality Test Drive on Your Phone

Those interested in trying out the Volvo XC90 before it’s released next year can take a scenic virtual reality ride through the mountains via...Read More

Health Coaching App Lets Users Choose Between Gentle Encouragement and Drill Sergeant Rigor

Consumers can often have trouble sticking to dieting or exercise plans because they don’t have motivation that a coach can provide. Health app...Read More

Live Yoga Instruction Streamed Into The Home

Finland’s Yoogaia is enabling anyone with a webcam to join in yoga classes and receive guidance from the comfort of their own living room....Read More

App Blocks Timewasting Sites Until Users Do Some Exercise

Nudge Kick enables users to disable their favorite sites and apps until they’ve registered some exercise on their fitness tracker or checked in...Read More

Jeans that fit !

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Qcut creates perfectly-fitting pairs of jeans with just 5 measurements. Typical jeans come in set waist...Read More

Shoes that keep track of your kids !

Created in China, Budiu are a pair of kids’ sneakers that feature embedded GPS locators so parents know where they are. Each pair features a...Read More

Barber or hairstylist that comes to you !

Shortcut is an on-demand grooming service that comes to customers wherever they are. Users simply provide their name, number and e-mail address and...Read More

Spain is Trialling City Monitoring Using Sound

The EAR-IT project in Santander, Spain, is using acoustic sensors to measure the sounds of city streets and determine real time activity on the...Read More

Toyota Minivan Makes it Easier to Yell at Kids

The new Toyota Sienna will come with Driver Easy Speak, a system that amplifies parents’ voices, enabling them to be heard over kids’...Read More

Motorbike Helmet Add-on Enables Headphone-Free Listening

HEADWAY, from Germany-based startup Rockatoo, aims to replace motorcycle headphones with a device that turns any helmet into a loudspeaker. The...Read More

Smartphone-Controlled Coffee Maker Wakes You Up With The Perfect Brew

Arist is bringing customized, coffeeshop-quality beverages into the home. Although it looks like a standard espresso machine, the device can be...Read More

Smart Suitcase Could Be The End of Airport Headaches

Currently seeking funding through Indiegogo, Bluesmart is a truly intelligent suitcase with digital locking, location tracking, and self-weighing...Read More

Smart Conference Badge Aims to Replace Business Cards and Brochures

Loopd is a conference lanyard that tracks wearers’ movements, enabling them to review their interactions and access extra content. The Loopd...Read More

Teal Pumpkin Project for an Allergy-Friendly Halloween

For children with food allergies, Halloween usually means they receive far fewer treats than their friends. But this year, their luck may improve if...Read More

Phone-Synched Effects for Costumes

The Digital Dudz mask line offers an easy-to-use smartphone insert that lets your phone save a rather run-of-the-mill monster mask. By downloading...Read More

DIY Origami Masks Add Mod Twist to Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking for a unique Halloween costume that’s not too hard to assemble, Wintercroft Masks has the perfect solution –...Read More

Uber For The Elderly Offers Transport With Friendly Care

Lift Hero has created a peer-to-peer lift service that uses trained or studying medical professionals to drive the elderly safely to their...Read More

A Robot Called Ray Will Park Your Car

Ray is a robot valet at Düsseldorf Airport that will safely store travelers’ cars and have it ready for them when they return. Available to...Read More

Flexible Travelers Can Rent Cars For Free

Transfercar is an online vehicle relocation service that reduces costs for rental companies while offering a free way for consumers to travel. Car...Read More

Visual Recognition App Acts Like Shazam For Furniture

LikeThat Decor is a visual search app that will present consumers with items similar to those featured in photos they upload. To get started...Read More

Visual Search App Lets Homeowners Find The Right Parts

Partpic lets consumers or businesses simply snap a photo of the broken part they need and lets them know where they can order a new one. For many...Read More

Shelfie Could Put An End To ‘Out of Stock’ Items

Shelfie gives customers rewards for tracking empty shelves, delivering the data to stores to help them avoid stock deficits. Developed by...Read More

Soccer Ball Helps Kids Finish Homework

The Soccket is a soccer ball that generates electricity- 30 minutes of play can generate enough power for 3 hours of light. For thousands of years,...Read More

Desk Lamp Doubles as Emergency Flashlight

Trioh is a stylishly designed device that serves as both a wireless desk lamp and a flashlight that’s always on hand. When the power goes out,...Read More

Coke Bottle Lightbulb Could Help Illuminate Africa

The Lightie is a system that uses an empty bottle and a solar filament to provide cheap light in the places that need it most. Created by South...Read More

Knit Sessions Combine the Creativity of the Young with the Skills of the Elderly

Netherlands-based Granny’s Finest is pairing young designers with elderly knitters to create new products, and foster community spirit in the...Read More

Neighborhood Mailbox Stickers Let Communities Display Items To Share

Pumpipumpe is a Switzerland-based project that is encouraging residents to place stickers on their mailbox to denote the goods they’re willing...Read More

Paris To Launch Bike Sharing For Kids

Scaled-down bicycles get kids involved with eco-friendly initiatives. Bike sharing is an initiative that’s proven popular around the world,...Read More

“Eyes on the Road”

Mobile use is the leading cause of death behind the wheel. To drive home this point, Ogilvy Beijing and Volkswagen created an interactive PSA called...Read More

Car Detects If Drivers Are Falling Asleep At The Wheel

Spain’s Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia has now created the Harken project, which places sensors into seat belts and car seats to track...Read More

Navdy Is Google Glass For The Car

Navdy is a heads-up display for car owners, helping them to keep their eyes on the road while remaining connected. Navdy can be used with any car,...Read More

App Enables Citizens To Report Water Waste

Everydrop LA wants to avoid drought in California by encouraging residents to report incidents of water wastage. Rallying citizens to take a part in...Read More

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