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UNICEF Turns Device Detoxes into Clean Water

UNICEFs Tap Project will donate money to needy children for every minute users stay off their phones. Now in its 8th year, the UNICEF Tap Project...Read More

Self-Sustaining Water Bottle Creates Clean Energy With Recycling

Treeson is on a mission to save the planet by revolutionizing the bottled water business. Currently fundraising through a Kickstarter campaign, the...Read More

Company Lets People Check Out To-Go Boxes Like a Library

Here is a statistic you probably didn’t know: Americans generate 570 million pounds of food packaging garbage waste every day, and a big...Read More

Homeless Campaign Lets Participants Rename Household Products

North Carolina non-profit homeless shelter Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD) joined forces with McKinney advertising agency to create an immersive web...Read More

Cooking Tool Makes A Big Difference in Women’s Lives

For millions of people, finding enough fuel to cook food is a daily struggle. In some parts of the world, women spend many hours, traveling 5-10...Read More

Beach Cleanup Scheme Helps Disadvantaged People

Plastic Bank enables those participating in recycling intiatives to exchange their help for training, micro-loans and access to 3D printing...Read More

Device Creates Digital Dashboard of Car’s Performance

Improve your gas mileage, create a digital dashboard and remote start your car directly from an app. OBDLink MX WiFi is described by the company that...Read More

Car-Tracking Device Transforms Vehicles into Traveling iBeacons

Automatic is a smart driving assistant which combines a small piece of hardware with mobile applications to enhance your car’s performance....Read More

Sensors Turn Car Into A Self-Driving Vehicle

Valeo’s automotive technology and smartphone app allow you to park a driverless vehicle with the touch of a button. Equipping a vehicle with...Read More

Headset For Dogs Translates Their Thoughts

Sweden’s No More Woof is an EEG device that reads dogs’ brainwaves in order to determine what’s on their mind. Created by The...Read More

Facial Recognition For Dogs Reunites Lost Pets With Owners

PiP is a photographic database of found dogs and cats that uses facial recognition technology to help match them with lost ones. Pet owners...Read More

Washing Machine Is Controlled By Dogs

UK laundry company JMT Service has developed Woof to Wash, a machine adapted for easy use by dogs to wash their owner’s clothes. Special...Read More

South Africa Fashion Store For Poor Neighborhoods

Giving homeless people the same dignity afforded to paying customers, The Street Store is a rent-free temporary store that provides poor...Read More

Community Boxes Let City Residents Share Anything

Boîtes d’Échange Entre Voisins – or Neighborhood Exchange Boxes – is a network of brightly-decorated repositories where residents...Read More

Bike Repair Stations Offer 24-hour Help

Bikestock is helping broken down cyclists in New York with bike repair vending machines and public equipment. Each station features a bicycle pump...Read More

Airport Stores Winter Coats

Rather than taking up the limited space available for hand luggage with bulky winter coats, Frankfurt Airport is allowing customers to check in their...Read More

Baggage Carousels are Populated with Fun Art

A number of Japanese airports are using baggage carousel art to entertain those waiting for their suitcases. Rather than leave the carousels empty as...Read More

Airport Lounges Provide a Pre-Trip Vacation

The Centurion Lounge gives travelers a place to relax and charge up before getting on their flights. American Express Card members who are flying out...Read More

Smart Mask Reduces Users’ Need For Sleep

NeuroOn is a brainwave-monitoring sleeping mask that enables wearers to develop polyphasic sleep patterns. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter,...Read More

Smart Sock Monitors Baby’s Health

The Owlet is a wearable sock that delivers data to parents about their baby’s health. Designed to be worn around the foot of the child without...Read More

Smart Bed Helps Put An End To Snoring

There are already sleep sensors on the market, but as Sleep Number demonstrated at this year’s CES 2014, it’s much better to just turn...Read More

Electric Car Chargers Disguised as Manholes

New technology transmits energy wirelessly, reducing costs and space needed for future charging stations. Hevo Power – short for Hybrid and...Read More

Car Vending Machines

In a country where air pollution is a serious environmental and health hazard, Kandi Technologies has created a giant vending machine that allows...Read More

Sun-powered Parking Space Will Charge Electric Cars Anywhere

The EV ARC is a platform the size of a parking space that can charge electric vehicles using energy from the sun. The Obama administration aims to...Read More

‘Product Locator’ Mobile Technology Makes Shopping Easier

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. and Point Inside, Inc. announced that Lowe’s has integrated Point Inside’s StoreMode™ mobile shopper...Read More

Cookie Locator Helps Users Find Their Next Sugar Fix

The Girl Scouts continue to make use of technology and the internet to modernize their selling system. The organization has released an app that...Read More

Supermarket Brings Personalized Product Recommendations In-store

Online consumers are by now used to getting suggestions of items they might like based on complicated algorithms that take into account their...Read More

Connecting Employees to a Common Good

Profits 4 Purpose is a technology business that helps companies create a united and simple giving platform. Their solution is built on the belief...Read More

Labeling the World with Calorie Loss Indicators

StepJockey is a project that raises awareness of the benefits of taking the stairs through smart labels that detail how many calories can be lost by...Read More

In Return for Volunteering, Students Receive Help with Loan Payments

Zero Bound, is a service that helps students and alums pay off their college loans in a completely beneficial way by volunteering. The project is a...Read More

Plantable Wrapping Paper is Embedded With Seeds

Eden’s Paper curbs festive waste by enabling consumers to plant their wrapping and grow vegetables after they’ve finished swapping gifts....Read More

Switch Off Your Phone at Dinner

The Abu Ghosh restaurant in Jerusalem is encouraging diners to turn off their devices in return for a generous 50 percent discount. Run by...Read More

Airplane Passengers Can Treat Others

Virgin America has introduced Seat-to-Seat Delivery, a service that lets passengers send a free drink or snack to any other seat. Added to Red...Read More

In-Car Cameras May Replace Buttons With Hand Movements

Opening your car window could soon involve nothing more than a “swipe” gesture. Google and Ford are both currently working on technology...Read More

Robot Automatically Refuels Any Car

The Fuelmatics Automatic Refueling System is a robot helper that enables drivers to precisely fill up their tanks without leaving their seat....Read More

High-Tech Parking Meters Detect Vehicles and Charge Accordingly

KERBspace is using tech to help parking meter operators to make the ticketing process more seamless. Having trialled the system in Montana, the...Read More

Golden Touch Turns Fuelband Into Jewelry

The new Nike+ Fuelband SE Rose Gold edition adds a dash of style to staying active and fit with its metallic accents and polished finish. The fitness...Read More

Device Quantifies Extreme Sports Performance

Trace is a device designed for skaters, surfers, skiers and snowboarders that tracks their progress and shares it with friends. The Trace is a small...Read More

Sleeve Helps Basketballers Shoot More Hoops

Vibrado is a wearable sleeve that can tell players where they’re going wrong with their hoop shoots. Looking much like the sleeves already worn...Read More

Smart Watch Could Help Prevent Cardiac Deaths

Israel-based Oxitone has created a wristwatch that measures heart rate and blood oxygen levels, delivering the data instantly to medical...Read More

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