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Retailers Marry Commerce and Cuisine

As retail sales increasingly migrate online, more merchants are using food and drink to lure customers into stores. Tommy Bahama’s...Read More

UK Store Includes Quiet Shopping Areas

Hoping to take the stress out of the high street, UK Selfridges outlets will now launch the company’s No Noise campaign, which will include...Read More

Mannequins Are Watching You

Store mannequins are meant to catch your eye. Soon, you may catch theirs. Italian mannequin maker Almax is rolling out the EyeSee, a mannequin...Read More

Modified washing machine enables pop-up discos

New Zealand-based Gap Filler is aiming to make creative use of empty space with its Dance-O-Mat, a modified washing machine that can turn any space...Read More

Listeners encouraged to dance through movement-dependent app

The new album from Scottish musician Calvin Harris, “18 Months”, is now available as a free iPhone app that will play only while the...Read More

Exercise to cancel out calories in drinks

Coca-Cola in the UK has developed the Work It Out Calculator, which gives customers suggestions that will cancel out the calories in each of its...Read More

Themed party packages delivered to your door

Postbox Party offers themed packages that aim to include everything hosts may need for a Christmas party, picnic, or other events. The enterprise...Read More

Living holiday trees, delivered and replanted for free

Green Rabbit is encouraging consumers in Austria to purchase a Living Christmas Tree that can be picked up and replanted after the season is over....Read More

Mobile app lets shoppers skip the checkout lines

QThru is a mobile-enabled technology that lets shoppers skip the checkout lanes by using their smartphones to shop, scan and pay. After installing...Read More

Airport parking lot cars for rent

FlightCar aims to put vehicles left in airport parking lots to use by offering them up for short-term loans. Where similar car-sharing companies aim...Read More

Car rental company offers a single model

Silvercar plans to rent out the silver 2013 Audi A4 and use mobile technologies to take the hassle out of the rental process. Gearing up for an...Read More

Turn old cars into new trees

Scrap Car Plant Tree hopes to encourage owners of old cars to donate the vehicle in order to raise money for creating new green areas in UK cities....Read More

Elder Care, A Click Away

Finding reliable, affordable home care for your parents can be an excruciatingly painful process. Enter CareLinx . . a website that works like a...Read More

Community housing scheme encourages home sharing

Operating in the town of St John’s, Newfoundland, Home Share aims to connect students looking for affordable accommodation with those over 50...Read More

LinkedIn-style network for military personnel

RallyPoint is a LinkedIn-style social network that wants to help connect servicemen and women with jobs opportunities and openings. Those who have a...Read More

An App that Reads your Mind

This fall, Expect Labs is releasing MindMeld, a free app that adds the company’s voice-powered search technology to the iPad’s (AAPL)...Read More

An App That Turns Any Surface Into A Keyboard

The app has been developed by Swiss designer Florian Kräutli for his one-year cognitive computing master’s degree at Goldsmiths, University of...Read More

iPhone App Improves Daily Life for the Blind

Created by Finnish MIPSoft, BlindSquare begins by using GPS and a compass to locate the user. From there, it gathers information about the...Read More

Bottles Inspired by the iPhone

The iPhone prompted many people to dream big when it made its debut. Julie Corbett’s spark came from the paper pulp tray it arrived in. Not...Read More

The Super Smart Light Bulb

The idea came from a barroom conversation in April 2012 with a friend who wondered, “Is there any way I can get, like, a wireless light...Read More

Frequent flyer miles donated to visit sick relatives

The Extra Mile hopes to collect frequent flyer miles from those that don’t use them so that friends and family of the terminally ill can visit...Read More

Trackable suitcase automatically follows its owner

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but with all of the organization involved they can quickly become more hassle than they’re worth. Now,...Read More

Fingerprint recognition allows automatic Facebook updates

The Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel will soon feature technology that recognizes guests’ fingerprints and automatically updates their Facebook...Read More

Handpicked suggestions for discerning travelers

Holiday recommendations from online review sites or travel agents may be enough for some, but many travelers demand more unique suggestions. Valet...Read More

Car targeted at women helps prevent wrinkles

Auto manufacturer Honda has launched the Fit She’s model, which has been created to appeal to the female driver. Honda has highlighted a number...Read More

Ad campaign links househunters with test-drive of a new car

The Househunter Test-Drive campaign by TBWARAAD Dubai matches property seekers looking at classified ad site Dubizzle with a Nissan vehicle tailored...Read More

Roadside system keeps deer safe from traffic

Wildlife collisions pose a serious threat to vehicles on the roads – not to mention the drivers and passengers inside them – but new...Read More

Twitter updates during Hurricane Sandy

Despite significant hype from the media, few East Coast inhabitants were fully prepared for the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. Social media...Read More

Tool gives users the news, and suggests how they can help

ShoutAbout helps make the news more than just a way for people to stay informed, it helps readers to get involved and make a difference. News sites...Read More

Charity TV station reports the news that mainstream media overlooks

MSF.TV acts as a way to give donors more information on the charity’s activities as well as providing a news stream of current events that...Read More

Machine accepts cards for tips

DipJar enables small payments by credit or debit card, ensuring that cardholders can still leave a gratuity. The device is a cylinder containing a...Read More

ATMs dispense vouchers instead of cash

UK-based KAL has created RTMs – Retail-Teller Machines – that don’t house or dispense any cash, offering vouchers instead. Rather...Read More

Russian site lets Twitter users monetize their social influence

Russian Twistock treats Twitter users like stocks that can be bought and sold, offering participants a way to earn virtual cash and real goods in the...Read More

Keyboard improves typing with miniature screen

The smartype Keyboard includes an extra screen located above the keys to enable people to better see what they’re typing. KeyView – the...Read More

Portable desk enables users to work in any location

For those who need to get some work done when they find themselves in a remote location, a solution may come in the form of the new Field Power Desk...Read More

The keyboard that loves a wash

Super bacteria belong in petri dishes, not on one’s desktop. So, to keep office workers germ-free, Logitech introduced the K310 washable...Read More

Sensor for helmets will notify contacts when it detects a crash

ICEdot’s new Crash Sensor is a small device that mounts onto any helmet and alerts emergency contacts when it detects a crash. Based in...Read More

App barks when users try to text behind the wheel

The RodeDog app detects when motorists are attempting to drive and text at the same time, alerting friends and family members who can discourage them...Read More

App alerts drivers when approaching other vehicles at dangerous speeds

The Safety Sight app warns motorists if they need to slow down to avoid a collision with the vehicle in front of them. Developed as part of a...Read More

Social tele-presence robot

Botiful is the first consumer tele-presence robot. With Skype as a simple interface you or your friends can control the robot and be remotely present...Read More

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  • Trump unleashed a new political earthquake over the weekend with his FBI spy charge May 21, 2018
    President Donald Trump has wrenched the United States back to the brink of a constitutional showdown after a weekend of rage culminated in his demand for an investigation into claims that the Obama administration inserted a spy in his 2016 campaign.
  • NYT: Donald Trump Jr. met with Gulf emissary at Trump Tower ahead of 2016 election May 21, 2018
    Three months before the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump Jr. met with a small group of people at Trump Tower in New York, including an emissary for two Arab princes and an Israeli social media specialist, who offered assistance to the Trump campaign, The New York Times reported on Saturday, citing several people with knowledge […]
  • The Trump team's amazing, evolving Russia defense May 21, 2018
    When it comes to the Russia investigation, it's not so much that the Trump team has a habit of "moving the goalposts," but that those goalposts have been rigged to roller skates and pushed downhill toward what feels like an inevitable end: where no matter what special counsel Robert Mueller finds, Trump will declare himself […]

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  • 3 Reasons the U.S. Additive Manufacturing Skills Gap Is Growing May 21, 2018
    Corey Dickman (left), a research and development engineer in CIMP-3D, demonstrates how to prepare a powder bed fusion system for additive manufacturing to graduate students at Penn State University. (Image souce: Penn State University) Five years ago, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) published a report that addressed skilled worker shortages in U.S. manufacturing. The report […]
  • A New Generation of Axial Flux EV Motors May 21, 2018
    With all of the emphasis on lithium ion battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs), it is sometimes easy to forget that the electric motor is the device that actually propels the vehicle. Perhaps that’s because most EVs use motors of similar basic configuration. Now, a company in Belgium has a design that it hopes will […]
  • Plug-and-Play Chip Cuts Size, Weight of Radar Antennas May 18, 2018
    A new beamforming chip promises to shrink the size and weight of aircraft antennas by eliminating the need for mechanical steering linkages. The chip could serve in radar for defense aircraft and for in-flight broadband on commercial jets. Analog Devices, Inc., maker of the new chip, also foresees it being used in air traffic control, […]