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Airline Introduces ‘Pay-By-Weight’ Customer Charge

Samoa Air claims to be the first airline in the world to charge passengers based on their own weight, as well as their luggage. Travelers booking a...Read More

App Rewards Frequent Fliers for Burned Calories

Burn The Miles wants fliers to engage in physical activity after flying and rewards them for doing so. We already know that sitting in a plane for...Read More

Train Company Announces Singles-Only ‘Dating Carriages’

Transport operator Ropid wants to introduce singles-only carriages to help travelers to meet potential partners on their commute. The company plans...Read More

Suit Blocks Potentially Harmful Waves From Cell Phones

Smuggler, a fashion brand from France, has developed a men’s suit which blocks electromagnetic waves from cell phones and wifi points. Created...Read More

Scarf Changes Color to Match Every Outfit

The Chameleon Scarf is an adaptable piece of clothing that uses a color sensor to change its appearance depending on what its owner is wearing at any...Read More

Scannable Pajamas Contain Bedtime Stories

Smart PJ’s aim to make bedtime more engaging by enabling kids to scan its patterns to unlock new stories. Developed by Idaho-based realtor Juan...Read More

Notes to Refresh the Memory of Smartphone Users

RefreshMe is an app for Android phones that enables users to make notes during conversations to jog their memory the next time they call. Due to the...Read More

Website and App Help Users Manage Their Perks

Michigan-based Larky helps users get perks and discounts from organizations and professional associations. With a website and a free mobile app for...Read More

Headband Offers Insight to Brain Activity

Improve what you do by understanding the things that affect your focus. Melon is a headband and mobile app system that gives its wearers a...Read More

Test Drives Delivered

Visiting a car dealership can be a dreaded task consumed by pressure to make a purchase on the spot. However, with Tred, a Seattle-based startup,...Read More

Audi’s Augmented Reality

One in 10 new car shoppers buy a vehicle without taking a test drive, often because they want to accelerate the exhausting purchase process. However,...Read More

Friends Help Design Your New Car

Toyota Collaborator, is a social car shopping tool designed by Saatchi & Saatchi LA and Joystick Interactive that lets people co-create and test...Read More

Take the Shopping Out of Cooking

Brooklyn-based company curates recipes from local chefs, then provides customers with the ingredients-and video tutorials-to make them at home....Read More

Open House Offers Tourists Local Homemade Food

EatWith aims to link up travelers in need of a meal with residents looking to meet new people. While established services such as Airbnb let...Read More

Service Offers Treats from Different Cities

Try The World offers boxes of products sourced from a different corner of the world each month. Founders Kat and David are both avid travelers and...Read More

Wooden Orchard Offers Real Apples

The Mobile Orchard has been commissioned as the centerpiece installation for the City of London Festival this year. The duo of CNC-cut intertwining...Read More

Designer Works With Salvaged Wood

It’s not uncommon for NYC residents to claim unwanted home goods left on the sidewalk, but Brooklyn resident Ariele Alasko is even more...Read More

Miracle Pine Monument

When 2011’s Tōhoku tsunami hit the shoreline of Rikuzentakata, it washed away all but one of the town’s 70,000 pine trees. The last one...Read More

App Lets Gift Givers Scan and Send

Jifiti lets users scan product barcodes and instantly send a voucher for those items to friends in other locations. Shoppers at participating...Read More

Gift Recommendation Service for Adults Without Children

NeverMissGift provides suggestions for adults who need to buy presents for other people’s children. Apps such as Jifiti are great for those who...Read More

Dust Jacket-Envelopes Encourage Gifting to Charity

Mailbooks For Good is making it easier for readers to donate books to charity once they’ve read them, by including dust jackets that double as...Read More

Hug Simulation Jacket Calms Kids

The T.Jacket is a tablet or smartphone-controlled jacket that uses embedded air pockets to simulate hugs and calm children without human contact. The...Read More

Asthma Inhaler Provides Dose At Optimum Rate

The NEXThaler is a rethinking of the device that releases the correct dose only when the user is breathing in at the optimum rate. Created by the UK...Read More

App Turns iPhone Into a Hearing Aid

BioAid uses the microphone and headphone functions of smartphones to amplify the sounds around deaf users in real-time. The concept is quite a simple...Read More

Device Monitors a Car’s Health

With the help of a small device that plugs into a car the Automatic app monitors the car’s health, makes money-saving driving tips, remembers...Read More

Smartphone Designed For Use While Driving

The Voyager is a car phone that aims to be more practical as well as safe for vehicle owners. The device is designed to be a second handset that...Read More

Keyfob Senses Car Accidents

splitsecnd is a GPS-enabled keyfob that instantly connects drivers to an emergency responder when an accident happens. The device, which is small...Read More

Site Keeps Parents Up-to-Date With Technology

Quib.ly is a Q&A site that aims to help parents learn more about the devices their kids are currently using and will need to use in the future....Read More

Board Game Highlights Effects of Global Warming

MELTDOWN innovatively incorporates real ice to demonstrate the plight of polar bears whose habitat is being affected by global warming. Developed by...Read More

App Turns Smartphones Into Exam Graders

Quick Key is a new app that makes grading multiple choice papers quicker and easier, enabling teachers to spend more time fine-tuning their teaching...Read More

Pets Unstressing Passengers

Some people recommend a stiff drink to combat anxiety about flying. Officials at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) think they have a better...Read More

Dog Can Detect Bacterial Infections

Cliff the dog is detecting cases of a hospital bug at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. Hospital bugs are easily picked up by patients...Read More

University’s ‘Puppy Room’ Offers Stress Relief

It’s a well-known fact that pets can reduce stress levels and improve their owners’ health, so its not surprising to see that Canadian...Read More

Radiator Retrofit Controls Heat and Cuts Emissions

Radiator Labs has created a retrofit for steam-based radiators that helps distribute heat more evenly around buildings, saving energy in the process....Read More

Hardhat is Made from Renewable Sugarcane

MSA’s V-Gard GRN hardhat is the first product of its kind made from 100 percent renewable materials. While the hardhat is made of high-density...Read More

Retailer’s New Store Will Supply Its Own Energy

US drug-store chain Walgreens claims to have built the nation’s first zero energy retail store in Evanston, Illinois. Walgreens will rely on a...Read More

Fashion Store Triples as Art Gallery and Charity

New York’s Aksel Paris is combining its clothes retail store with an art gallery and social cause support center. Located on West Broadway in...Read More

Play Games and Raise Money For Charity

GoodGames enables online gamers to raise money for charity while they play. The site is funded by advertisers and sponsors and a part of that revenue...Read More

Using Public Art To Transform Cities

Artist Lesley Perkes is working on transforming Johannesburg through art that both inspires and also improves the urban landscape. We tend to think...Read More

Recyclables Used to Make 3D Printing Affordable

Filabot is a desktop extruder that lets users make and reuse their own filament from household plastic recyclables. The brainchild of Vermont college...Read More

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