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Vending Machines Deliver 3D-printed Goods

Dreambox enables users to design an object and pick it up from an automated booth once it’s ready. 3D printing services are abundant online...Read More

Connecting Consumers with Local 3D Printers

makexyz is a service that aims to help anyone find a 3D printing service in their area. Those with facilities can list their device type and the...Read More

Inflatable Car Cover Reduces Hail Damage

The Hail Protector is an air-filled cover that can protect cars from the destructive force of falling ice lumps, with a tie-in app to alert drivers...Read More

Stylish Shoes Help Women Drive More Safely

Spain-based Nubhes has created a feminine shoe designed specifically for driving. Many women often change from high heels to a flat pair of shoes...Read More

Protection From the Elements

The ELF is a partially covered, pedal-powered “velomobile” featuring cargo room and solar electric assist. The creation of North...Read More

‘Breathing’ Toy Lulls Kids to Sleep

The Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse toy from Japan is hoping to lull kids to sleep by simulating breathing patterns. Created by Takara Tomy in...Read More

Apps Sense Users’ Emotions and Quantify Wellbeing

EI Technologies hopes to launch Xpression – an app that uses some of the native features of smartphones to detect when their owners are feeling...Read More

‘Offline’ Social Network Connects Friends

Unface.it hopes to provide a social network that enables users to organize meetings with friends and escape the screen. The founders of the app...Read More

Ad Requires Accurately Shaded QR Code

A recruitment campaign from Berrge Tattoo is getting artists to color in a code precisely enough to be able to unlock a link to apply for a job at...Read More

QR Codes Explain Unexpected Gravestones

The HiPoints system in Wales is helping passersby to learn more about confusing Canadian gravestones at St Margaret’s Church, Bodelwyddan,...Read More

Tech-Savvy Pillows and Pants

Aldea Home stores in San Fransicso offers pillows with a hidden secret. Labexperiment’s encoded pillow is printed with QR codes that reveal a...Read More

Easy-to-use Touchscreen Computer

CareSquare is a ‘digital companion’ computer that is designed with the older generation in mind, offering communication, entertainment...Read More

Safer Senior Living at Home

One of the most common concerns is that an elderly loved one may fall and need help when no one is around. A medical-alert device worn as a necklace,...Read More

App Designed to Aid Elderly Smartphone Users

Singapore-based Silverline hopes to increase the number of elderly smartphone users with a range of apps that make the devices easier to use....Read More

‘Wooden’ Denim Uses Tree Pulp

Dawn Ellams, a PhD researcher from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, has developed Tencel – a denim made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees....Read More

Jeans For Rents

Mud Jeans has put its denim up for rent through a subscription program. Mud Jeans’ pants are made from organic and recycled cotton through...Read More

Women’s Jeans Moisturize and Reduce Cellulite

Jeans manufacturer Wrangler is launching its Denim Spa women’s range, which are lined with moisturizing ingredients that can help reduce...Read More

Millennials Pick Cells Over Cars

There are more and more signs that Millennials care much less about car ownership than previous generations. They’re less likely to drive than...Read More

Bikes Made From Old Cars

Rather than using up fresh resources to produce its bikes, Lola Madrid sources the materials for its Bicycled model from scrapped motors. The...Read More

Mobile Technology Drives Car Choice

Studies show consumers shop for cars and trucks that match their style, their favorite color, and even the best fuel economy. Increasingly, though,...Read More

Digital Keyboard Piano Lessons

Playground Sessions uses a gamified approach to digital learning for piano players to encourage them to keep practising, with real-time analysis of...Read More

Retro-styled Cards For Sharing Playlists

Only those who have been around a while will remember the old analog cassette tape that so faithfully enabled friends to share their musical...Read More

Electronic Musical Instrument Can Be Played By Kids

MidiWing is an electronic musical device that can be operated using multiple controllers, opening up access to young people without the dexterity to...Read More

Checking Out Some Shopping

Imagine checking into your hotel and finding a closet stocked with clothing that personal shoppers have chosen with you in mind. This service is a...Read More

The Wackiest Travel Accessory

Whenever you travel, you have your essentials: your passport, your carry-on, your in-flight distraction of choice (iPad, Kindle, magazine). Then you...Read More

In-flight ‘Art Gallery’ For Business Class Passengers

Virgin Atlantic has launched an in-flight art gallery for culturally-minded passengers. Starting in February, Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Gallery...Read More

Nonprofit Rescues Meals

The nonprofit Community Plates Inc., works to connect those needing food with restaurants, grocery stores and other food providers. It was created...Read More

Hotel Helps Bring Water

Charity: Water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries with 100% of all public donations...Read More

Network Pairs Leftover Meals with Locals

Casserole is a community network started in the UK that matches those with extra meals to spare with neighbors who might not be able to cook...Read More

Stageshows are free for live tweeters

The Providence Performing Arts Center in Rhode Island has launched its Tweet Seat offer, which waives theater ticket costs for those willing to tweet...Read More

Video chats with celebrities

GreenRoom enables users to connect with public figures and industry experts face-to-face over the web. GreenRoom has collected a roster of stars and...Read More

Ticket buyers save seats for Facebook friends

Sports and entertainment giant AEG’s new AXS Invite service, lets ticket buyers save seats next to their own in case Facebook friends want to...Read More

License plates used for text messaging

The CurbTXT platform aims to turn vehicle license plates into contact info for their drivers, allowing anyone to easily text the owner. Passersby who...Read More

Smart Streetlights

Perpetual roadside illumination not only largely contributes to light pollution, it also wastes astronomical amounts of energy and money. But...Read More

Glow-in-the-dark Highways

In a world empowered by Google Maps, it’s hard to imagine much improvement on the road part of the road trip experience, but new tech-driven...Read More

Creating designs with sense of smell

Made In The Dark is a UK project that is helping to integrate blind people in India into society with a unique method for manufacturing jewelry....Read More

Prototype engagement rings

UK jeweler Hot Pink is helping proposers save money by creating a prototype of their bespoke ring in case their partner says no. Based in London, the...Read More

Jewelry made from landmines

Saught is a social business that helps Cambodians to create jewelry products out of the scrap metal left behind by landmines. Countries such as...Read More

App creates healthier habits

New Year’s resolutions are often broken by February, but Healthy Habits users are equipped to sustain them beyond winter. Winner of the U.S....Read More

Self-aware glowing ice-cubes

Dhairya Dand’s Cheers ice cubes monitor how much alcohol a person has consumed, and turn red when they have reached their limit. Dand, a...Read More

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