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ATMs dispense vouchers instead of cash

UK-based KAL has created RTMs – Retail-Teller Machines – that don’t house or dispense any cash, offering vouchers instead. Rather...Read More

Russian site lets Twitter users monetize their social influence

Russian Twistock treats Twitter users like stocks that can be bought and sold, offering participants a way to earn virtual cash and real goods in the...Read More

Machine accepts cards for tips

DipJar enables small payments by credit or debit card, ensuring that cardholders can still leave a gratuity. The device is a cylinder containing a...Read More

Portable desk enables users to work in any location

For those who need to get some work done when they find themselves in a remote location, a solution may come in the form of the new Field Power Desk...Read More

The keyboard that loves a wash

Super bacteria belong in petri dishes, not on one’s desktop. So, to keep office workers germ-free, Logitech introduced the K310 washable...Read More

Keyboard improves typing with miniature screen

The smartype Keyboard includes an extra screen located above the keys to enable people to better see what they’re typing. KeyView – the...Read More

Sensor for helmets will notify contacts when it detects a crash

ICEdot’s new Crash Sensor is a small device that mounts onto any helmet and alerts emergency contacts when it detects a crash. Based in...Read More

App barks when users try to text behind the wheel

The RodeDog app detects when motorists are attempting to drive and text at the same time, alerting friends and family members who can discourage them...Read More

App alerts drivers when approaching other vehicles at dangerous speeds

The Safety Sight app warns motorists if they need to slow down to avoid a collision with the vehicle in front of them. Developed as part of a...Read More

Sculpture uses daylight to charge mobile devices

Mimicking the appearance of a bonsai tree, the Electree is a customizable sculpture that features photovoltaic panels in place of leaves, allowing it...Read More

Plug-in-the-wall device offers home control

There have been a couple of innovations to bring computing power to home appliances in the recent past, but so far the home remains fairly analogue....Read More

Social tele-presence robot

Botiful is the first consumer tele-presence robot. With Skype as a simple interface you or your friends can control the robot and be remotely present...Read More

Site connects businesses with others that want their used oil

Stay Green Oil is a platform offering a way for businesses to more easily sell their used oil to others instead of throwing it away. The membership...Read More

Eco art doubles as a working beehive

The Elevator B sculpture in Buffalo, New York, also provides a home for bees and aims to be part of an educational scheme to teach people about the...Read More

Instant cash for phones & electronics

You want to buy that new iPhone 5, but what should you do with your old one? Now you can head down to your local mall or grocery store in 10 U.S....Read More

Clinic specializes in weight loss for pets

The Tufts Obesity Clinic for Animals in Massachusetts is offering a tailored weight loss program for flabby dogs and cats. Owners signing up for the...Read More

Dog parking bays keep pets comfortable while consumers shop

The IKEA Koln-Am Butzweilerhof branch has introduced dog parking bays at the outlet, which enable dogs to be safely left outside while their owners...Read More

Hotel offers pet-friendly service, including animal psychic

Hotel Monaco in Portland, Oregon, is providing sessions with its in-house “intuitive animal communicator” alongside other pet-related...Read More

Training course helps veterans adapt technical skills to land jobs

With many soldiers leaving service with technical and computer skills, New York-based Incline is offering training in order to help them adapt that...Read More

Adult children help their single parents find new love

UK-based My Lovely Parent sets itself apart from other dating sites by giving adult children a way to help their divorced or widowed older parents...Read More

iPad app helps patients understand doctors’ explanations

JiffPad is a new iPad app that lets doctors explain health issues visually and digitally, meaning patients can access the information at home....Read More

Teens armed with life-saving skills

Armed with the tools and knowledge to keep them safer when they grab the car keys and get behind the wheel, a record number of teen drivers this...Read More

Wind-powered charging station for electric vehicles

Sanya Skypump is a new wind-powered electric-vehicle charging station from New York-based Urban Green Energy and GE Energy. Now installed at the...Read More

Fully electric car can make itself smaller

Researchers at MIT’s Changing Places Group and Denokinn have now begun testing the Hiriko Fold, a fully electric vehicle which is able to...Read More

Women-Owned businesses among the leaders in job creation & revenue growth

As of 2012, it is estimated that there are more than 8.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States, generating nearly $1.3 trillion in...Read More

Technology re-use helps “Link Life to its Promise”

Inspired by his daughter Cristina, Dr. Davin McMahan founded The National Cristina Foundation to promote technology reuse by educating businesses and...Read More

Tupperware-style parties with a charitable bent

Rising International, a 9-year-old organization helps women in developing countries sell their arts and crafts, become financially independent and...Read More

Wondering about the facts in the latest campaign ad?

PolitiFact’s Settle It! app stands to resolve many dinner-table disagreements in the coming election season. Users simply type in the name,...Read More

Home in on political ads

The nonprofit, nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation aims to enhance governmental openness and transparency through the use of technology tools, digital...Read More

App shows who funded political TV ads

Throughout September, US citizens are set to be bombarded with pleas from parties seeking their vote, particularly from the Democratic and Republican...Read More

Cash-Free caffeine from Starbucks

Starbucks’s year-and-a-half-old mobile payment program may be the largest of any retailer in North America. Even before its recent $25 million...Read More

Digital wallet selects the best credit card

The Wallaby Card is connected to each of its users’ credit card accounts and is able to select the best one to take advantage of rewards and...Read More

Rewards for leaving your smartphone at the door

It’s a situation many diners know all to well: going for dinner with a friend, looking forward to catching up – but instead spending most...Read More

Evian’s Wi-Fi-Enabled Magnet

To promote its new online delivery service and website, www.evianchezvous.com (evian-at-home.com), Evian introduces Evian Smart Drop, an innovative...Read More

One-hour delivery service for festival attendees

UK fashion brand Very has launched what it describes as the world’s first festival delivery service designed to keep attendees at Virgin...Read More

Mobile boutiques are hitting the streets

Pull over food trucks . . chic parkable boutiques can be seen from coast to coast. The StyleLiner, is a luxurious mobile style gallery offering...Read More

Test drives to broken down motorists

When carrying out a marketing strategy, one of the most important aspects is getting the correct timing. With this in mind, Rescue Drive – a...Read More

Rent cars from people in your community

With bicycle commuting having become an increasingly popular mode of transportation, some drivers are also becoming less dependent on their cars....Read More

Among the young, the drive to drive is plummeting

Almost one-third of 19-year-olds in the U.S. have yet to get their driver’s licenses, a study by the University of Michigan Transportation...Read More

Site matches event organizers with land owners

UK-based Field Lover is launching its field matchmaking site, which aims to make it easy for those with land to lease to find renters and vice-versa....Read More