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Tokyo subways offer Internet access on trains

Starting March 2012, Tokyo subways are now offering a new wireless communication service, enabling their passengers to exchange text messages and...Read More

Free Wi-Fi comes to NYC

Six subway stations and more than 200 hotspot locations in The Big Apple get free Wi-Fi as Boingo rolls out its massive wireless plan that will...Read More

Commuters given free WiFi on London Underground

Commuters on London Underground will be able to access free WiFi in time for the Olympics. Initially, it will be rolled out at major stations...Read More

A dedicated dog-sitting service for those about to marry

Catering specifically for those dealing with hectic marriage preparations, Italy-based Weddings & Dogs aims to provide a dog-sitting service...Read More

Google Cars Create Polarized opinions

For a search engine, Google has certainly been splashed all over the motoring press of late, both for positive and negative reasons. First, the...Read More

LeCar – Renault Renaissance?

Back in the 1970s Renault decided to import its smallest car offering in the United States, the Renault 5. To put some modern perspective, that car...Read More

Prius now the third best-selling car in the world

For many years, the Toyota Prius was considered a “niche” vehicle, appealing only to environmentalists. Indeed, the same could be said of...Read More
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  • Potassium And Oxygen Make A Low-Cost Battery May 23, 2019
    A new battery design using low cost potassium and oxygen from the air is showing promise, according to a recent news release from The Ohio State University. Although lithium ion batteries have become the standard for everything from cell phones, to electric vehicles (EVs), to power grid support for renewable energy, the high cost of […]
  • Expanding IoT Results in Increased Security Breaches May 23, 2019
    With the proliferation of IoT devices and networks that extend connectivity beyond the plant walls, it’s not surprising that companies are experiencing data breaches. What is surprising is that reported data breaches have grown from 15% of companies using IoT in 2017 to 26% today. And that doesn’t count the companies that don’t know they’ve […]
  • California Battles Trump on Stalled Fuel Efficiency Rules May 22, 2019
    Frustrated by Washington, the State of California may be considering a ban on vehicles with internal combustion engines. Or maybe not. The question of whether it is or isn’t came to a head last week, after the state’s chief air quality regulator balked at mentioning the ban in a speech, even though it was apparently […]