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Diabetic Doll Helps Children Understand Illnesses

USA – American Girl’s diabetic care kit and arm crutches help children create a doll as unique as themselves. Dolls were once...Read More

Autonomous Fireproof Drone Can Navigate High-Rise Fires

South Korea – FAROS is a fireproof drone, which can autonomously navigate a fire site and provide vital data and information before...Read More

Drone Can Airlift Casualties From Conflict Zones

Israel –  The AirMule drone can carry passengers and land in a variety of terrains, including forests and urban conflict zones. The unmanned...Read More

Bird-Repelling Drone Imitates a Predator to Clear Unwelcome Pests

USA – Scarecrows and other visually intimidating props placed on the ground can be useful in deterring birds within a certain radius, but one...Read More

On-Demand App Gives Stranded Drivers a Boost

Canada – Boostmi is an on-demand app for motorists to connect with other drivers and mechanics, in the case they need to jump start their...Read More

A Smart, Self-Installing Car Safety Seat

USA – Car safety seats are infamously tricky to install correctly, so the upcoming 4moms self-installing child seat is a welcome development....Read More

Driver Distraction Tool Monitors Pupil Activity

USA – HARMAN eye-tracking software will determine the driver’s mental load, and auto-adjust smart car features to do-not-disturb mode....Read More

Cashiers Will Keep an Eye on Elderly Customers’ Wellbeing

The Hague – Dutch supermarket staff are keeping an eye out for signs of loneliness or neglect in older customers as part of the Super Care...Read More

Rent-a-Mom Service For Twentysomethings

USA –  Millennials in need of some motherly care can now rent the services of Nina Keneally, who runs the business Need a Mom. Aimed at...Read More

Students Get Free Accommodation at Dutch Care Home

Netherlands – Humanitas Residential Care Center, gives free accommodation to students, in exchange for 30 hours of voluntary work in the home...Read More

Disposable Fingertips for Greasy Food

Italy – For lovers of greasy and messy food, the Italian Design Agency has created a product to enable them to satisfy their appetites on...Read More

Socks Pause Netflix When the Wearer Falls Asleep

USA – Netflix Socks are homemade high-tech wearables that send a signal to the viewer’s TV, which will pause Netflix when they doze...Read More

Fishing In The Great Oudoors . . From Home

Romania – RoboFisher enables users to fish-from-home – remotely control a robot fishing rod and catch fish in real-time. The platform...Read More

The Seeing Car

Radar, camera sensors and a remote-sensing technology called Lidar will help cars see their surroundings and decide what actions to...Read More

“Vehicle-to-Everything” Autonomous Tech

V2E is actually an umbrella term, under which vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-pedestrian all fall. Delphi says its aim...Read More

The Caring Car

Fit Driver is a driver wellness project by Audi that links fitness wristband or smartwatch data with in-car sensors. The technology aims to reduce...Read More

Locker System Could Improve Airport Bag-Check Experience

Qylatron is a self-service honeycomb locker system that could provide more efficient carry-on security checks at airports. On the busiest days of the...Read More

Travelers Have Affordable, Premium Essentials Delivered to Hotel

unPack delivers an inventory of essential items and clothing – starting from $29.99 – to users’ hotels, so they can go...Read More

Bluelight Filter App

Can’t sleep on the plane, bus, train, or your hotel . . . this app might help. It’s hard to escape the glow of a computer screen-maybe...Read More

Nashville Car Dealership Opens Huge Vehicle Vending Machine

Online car dealership Carvana has unveiled a huge gamified vehicle vending machine, from which customers collect their car purchase....Read More

Drive Different Cars Each Week According to Your Travel Needs

Clutch is a monthly service that lets you rent a broad range of cars dependent at rates of $800 or $1,300 a month. Clutch is a subscription service...Read More

The Car Owner’s Manual Drivers Might Actually Read

Dacia collaborated with multiple writers and illustrators to create an updated car owner’s manual for the Gaudeamus book fair in Romania. For...Read More

Short Story Vending Machines Encourage Reading

French publishing company Short Edition prints out receipt-like short stories to encourage commuters to kill time by reading. They installed...Read More

Speed Reading Platform Uses Visual Cues

Read Good enhances reading speed and comprehension by presenting single words with symbolic images. Based on Rapid Serial Visual Representation,...Read More

Publisher Delivers News Based On Reading Time

To help news hounds find articles they can consume in the amount of time they have at hand, Few Minutesrequires users to specify the length of time...Read More

At Foodseum You Don’t Just Learn About Food, You Experience It

Chicago’s Foodseum opened in September with an exhibit that celebrates the Windy City’s most famous food: the humble hot dog. “The...Read More

Is Future Food Delivery as Simple as a Text Message?

Products and services are becoming increasingly easy to access. The latest company to offer such simplicity is Dashio, a new food delivery service...Read More

Grocery App Notifies Forgotten Items and Suggests Cheapest Stores

PriceSwarm uses customer receipts to create tailored shopping lists, suggest where the best offers are, and help users budget. The app analyzes...Read More

Smart Dashboard Camera Can Reduce Collisions by 40 Percent

Mobileye 5-series is a smart camera system that can be used in any car to help drivers learn from and avoid reckless mistakes....Read More

Volvo Tests Kangaroo Detection System

Volvo is developing a system to detect kangaroos’ unique movement, in order to curb road accidents in Australia. While more camera-based...Read More

Dashboard Anticipates What Drivers Will Do Next

A shift of the shoulders or a slight acceleration is enough indication for Robo Brain and Brain4Cars’ system to sound an alert or take over the...Read More

Smart Plate Lets Kids Earn Virtual Currency When Eating

Yumit’s interactive plate detects when food is eaten, rewarding children with virtual currency they can spend on in-app games. The Yumit meal...Read More

E-piggy Bank Gives Kids Tangible Rewards with Virtual Currency

ASB Bank’s Clever Kash moneybox lets parents “swipe” virtual dollars into it, so children can learn the value of money. The...Read More

Smart In-Ear Thermometer Gives Parents Medical Guidance

Very few people know what a thermometer reading means, except that a 104 degree temperature is cause for concern. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer on the...Read More

Convertible Desk for Office Power Naps

There is no longer any excuse for nodding off in an important work meeting, because Greek designers NL Studio have created the first ever work desk...Read More

Email Filter System Cleans Up Any Inbox

SaneNoReplies is a new feature of SaneBox that puts unanswered outgoing emails in a separate folder, reminding users to follow up the correspondence....Read More

Reconfigurable Rooms Built by Tiny Robots

Project DOM Indoors (created by New York-based robotics company Asmbld) uses a team of tiny robots stored beneath the floor to rearrange small...Read More

Dog Owners Find Unintentional Design Feature in Smart Cars

Germans have discovered a feature in Smart’s forfour model (a larger 4-door version of their ultra compact car) that appeals to dog owners. Smart...Read More

Mumbai Taxis Provide Platform for Young Indian Designers

Mumbai’s 55,000 taxis are one of the city’s most iconic elements of culture, catering to the 21 million population. But while the outside of the...Read More

Audi Headlights, Parking Sensors and a Cockpit as 3D-Printed Dresses

Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht presented her new fashion collection inspired by the Audi A4 at Audi City Berlin. The four 3D-printed interactive...Read More

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  • ABB and HPE Forge Partnership to Blend OT/IT December 15, 2017
    ABB and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have created a partnership that combines ABB’s digital manufacturing system ABB Ability with HPE’s information technology (IT) solutions. The partnership is designed to provide manufacturers with actionable insights from vast amounts of industrial data. The goal is to increase the efficiency and flexibility of manufacturing operations. Meg Whitman, CEO […]
  • Electronic Skin Changes Colors, Aimed at Wearable Devices, Prostectics December 15, 2017
    Devices like robots and artificial limbs increasingly are being developed with qualities that are similar to their real-life counterparts thanks to the work of scientists. Now the invention of artificial electronic skin that can change color by researchers in China could give these types of designs even more advanced capabilities. The team at Tsinghua University […]
  • How to Build an Electromagnetic Levitation Device December 14, 2017
    "Do not levitate the spoon; that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth. There is no spoon." - para. The Matrix (1999) But what if there is a spoon? Or some other object. You can't just rely on the power of your mind to levitate objects. This project from Drew Paul of Drew Paul […]