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Find Your Misplaced Keys, Wallet, Bike, or More in a Flash

Forgetful folks rejoice! The TrackR Bravo helps locate your missing items with an easy-to-use iOS and Android app. This slim, quarter-sized lost item...Read More

Connected Insoles Warm Your Digits

Bluetooth-enabled insoles also track steps and calories while warming up your cold feet. Fitness trackers are all the rage these days, keeping a...Read More

Gas Light On? Have Your Fuel Delivered

Purple Delivery can come to wherever you are and fill your tank in one hour. Looks like fuel has entered the on-demand economy.Bruno Uzzan, CEO and...Read More

Verizon’s ‘Hum’ Turns Any Clunker Into a Connected Car

Most modern cars come equipped with a full suite of digital tools, but some 150 million vehicles on the road aren’t connected at all. The good...Read More

Finally, An App That Keeps Track of the Parking Meter for You

Finding a parking spot in the city is only half the battle. If you park in a garage, you might find yourself going in circles looking for your car...Read More

Tokyo Bookstore Only Stocks One Title at a Time

A new bookstore opened earlier this year in Ginza, Tokyo that takes the unique approach of only stocking one title at a time. A different book is...Read More

Airbnb Accommodation Comes with a Free Bookshop Job

Independent bookshops are facing tough times ahead — more than 500 closed up shop in the last ten years. Now, The Open Book in Wigmore, Scotland...Read More

App Lets Readers Digitize Their Bookshelf for Free

There are many advantages to ebooks — they are accessible instantaneously, very portable and they don’t require any trees to be cut down. But...Read More

700,000 Years of History in One Tool

Man Made celebrates evolutionary changes to mankind’s impact on the world. With the assistance of 3D printing, the project brings to life...Read More

Analogue 3D Printer for Hands-On Designers

There have been a whole host of innovative uses for 3D printing over the past few years and parallel to this is the maker movement, which celebrates...Read More

Motivate Workouts with 3D-Printed Chocolate

EdiPulse could become a way to reward your next workout. It’s a project that measures and tracks your heart rate and sends the data to a 3D...Read More

Delta Air Lines Eases Pet Owner Worries with $50 Tracker

In a decade where it seems airlines are cutting back on costs (and amenities) to compete, Delta Air Lines is offering a pet tracking service as a...Read More

Luxury Airport Terminal for Precious Animals

Flying can be a traumatic experience for humans, so it’s not hard to imagine how disconcerting it can be for pets – they suddenly find...Read More

The World’s First Luxury Dog Food Truck

The latest addition to Sweden’s thriving food truck scene is Wonderboo – the world’s first luxury pet food food truck. Parked in...Read More

Ad-Supported Stations Offer EV Drivers Free Charging

Volta electric vehicle charging terminals host advertising and sponsorship, to enable EV drivers to charge for free. In order for the electric...Read More

Autonomous Robot is an EV Charging Device for Entire Carpark

Mobi is a mobile, autonomous, EV charging station – which can help employers meet the demands of workplace EV charging. Often EV drivers...Read More

Free, Life-long EV Charging for Investors in Recharge Station

Fastned is raising funds to expand its fast-charging EV station network by offering investors free charging for life. The Amsterdam-based company has...Read More

Knit Sneakers for a Cleaner Future

The average sneaker takes 65 years to decompose; designer Ammo Liao uses advanced processes to create more sustainable footwear. Liao has developed...Read More

Shoe-swap Community Helps Users Trade New and Used Pairs

Skwag is a shoe-swapping community which lets users show off their collection online and find like-minded locals to swap footwear with. The shoe...Read More

Growing Kid’s Shoes Fit Perfectly for 5 Years

The Shoe That Grows is a children’s shoe that fits for five years, helping to provide sustainable footwear for millions around the world....Read More

Sunburnt Dolls Encourage Kids to Apply Sunscreen

The Nivea Doll is coated with a UV-sensitive material, causing it to blush red when exposed to the sun – unless it is wearing sunscreen....Read More

Wearable Device That May Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Worried about getting a sunburn? Swap your Fitbit for JUNE. JUNE is a wearable device that looks like a jeweled bracelet and bills itself as a...Read More

Free WiFi . . but Only in the Shade

To encourage beachgoers to enjoy the shade, The Peruvian League Against Cancer and creative agency Happiness Brussels created a Shadow WiFi network,...Read More

Nissan Glow-In-The-Dark Car Harnesses Power of the Sun

Nissan has received lots of good press for its Leaf electric car, but the reviews for one in particular are glowing. The car has been given a paint...Read More

Samsung ‘Safety Truck’ Uses Rear Displays to Prevent Collisions

Samsung hopes to make getting stuck behind a semi truck a lot less annoying – and safer. The electronics giant has engineered a system that...Read More

Flexible Feature Allows Either the Right or Left Side Occupant to Steer

Rinspeed is a Swiss-based automotive idea factory that has a history of unveiling concept cars that stretch the limits of design and technology. For...Read More

Tool Lets Users Promote Charities Through the Content That Inspire Them

Givey is a social giving platform for anyone to make donations to more than 8,000 charities by text or tweet. It passes on 100% of the donations....Read More

App Connects Users with Charities Based on the News They Read

People naturally gravitate towards news stories that interest them, and at the end of a powerful story there is often a natural human response to...Read More

Digital Currency Teaches Kids About Charity

More than 200 million children around the world are deprived of access to education before they even reach the age of five. Now, Unicoin is a...Read More

Fragrance Alarm Clock Stimulates Dementia Sufferers’ Appetites

Almost half of diagnosed dementia sufferers don’t eat enough food, leading to weight loss and malnutrition. A new device called Ode aims to...Read More

App Sings Babies Back to Sleep in Their Parent’s Voice

Sleepless nights are a given for new parents: when a baby awakes in the night, the soothing voice of a mother or father is most likely the only...Read More

Lifesaving Bindi is a Wearable Iodine Supplement

In rural India, iodine deficiency contributes to the medical problems of millions of women each year. Despite the country supplementing its salt with...Read More

Road Trip for Entrepreneurs

Empowering young entrepreneurs in Africa, German nonprofit AMPION brings together change makers and tech experts for a seven-day road trip across the...Read More

Rush Hour Commuters Get Paid to Take the Bus

Congestion on Atlanta’s Interstate 85 during peak hours is so bad that the state is now offering toll credits to commuters who take public...Read More

App Pays Commuters to Take Routes That Ease Congestion

Urban Engines uses algorithms to help cities determine key congestion choke points and times, and can then reward commuters for avoiding them. The...Read More

Platform Helps Displaced Families in Haiti Crowdfund New Homes

New Story is a crowdfunding platform which supports Haitian families in raising the $6,000 necessary to rebuild lost homes. New Story has partnered...Read More

Flatpacked Family Shelters Can Withstand Hurricanes

HUSH2 is a flat pack, humanitarian shelter which can house up to five displaced people and transform into a hurricane shelter in 7 minutes. Extremis...Read More

Sweden’s Dream Home was Built by Data

The House of Clicks – Sweden’s collective dream home – was designed using data from the property portal Hemnet. Everybody has their...Read More

Alarm Clock Only Wakes Up One Side of the Bed

Innovators are constantly trying to find a more enjoyable way of waking people up. Now, Wakē from Lucera Labs offers a gentle, healthy alternative...Read More

Beautiful Stained Glass Window Generates Solar Power

Solar panels may be an excellent, eco-friendly energy solution, but they are not particularly easy on the eye. Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel has...Read More

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